Large development projects carry the tripod large chassis

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Original title: big big development projects carry the tripod chassis

Hubei Daily News Pictured: In recent days, Han Hyo intercity rail like a dragon across the Xiaogan city, builders are speeding plated erection, laying ready before Hanxiao intercity railway is about 62 km, across the board. set up 10 stations, Hankou, Huangpi, East Lake, Xiaogan concatenated present, Wuhan - Ezhou - Huangshi, Wuhan - Xianning, Wuhan - Huanggang three intercity railway opened to traffic (reporter Zhang Peng Wang Yunqing vision network camera.

Reporter Liao Zhihui

Analysis of Hubei economic bright spot, eye-catching performance of major projects.

The strong growth momentum, commendable.

January to April, the province's investment in fixed assets 714.958 billion yuan, an increase of 13.8% over the previous quarter by 0.2 percentage points to speed up new projects 6514, an increase of 42.9%, 51.7 percentage points higher than the same period last year, billion yuan new projects in 1306, an increase of 98.2%.

Major projects for steady growth, adjusting the structure of strong new momentum.

Effective investment focus 'sophisticated'

Investment is not sprinkle black pepper, efficient investment in order to promote structural adjustment.

Investment 'gold' higher, leading technology investments significantly accelerated -

January to April, the province's high-tech industry investment 29.175 billion yuan, an increase of 19.6%, accelerating the growth ring than 7.9 percentage points.

The total planned area of 10 square kilometers, a total investment of over 200 million science and technology city park opened in Xiangyang Xiangyang Hi-tech Zone, the high-end more than 100 projects have been settled or are about to enter. Academician Liu Jiaqi team led by the world's largest manufacturer of basalt fiber project has been trial production within the State Key laboratory of ZTE Corporation, China's first wireless charging facilities will be born ......

Production of 'sophisticated' the more, the development of high-end manufacturing step steady hoof disease -

January to April, 27.9% growth in pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronic and communication equipment manufacturing industry increased 31.6%, the growth rate was higher than the overall level.

Into the Huaxing power base in Wuhan, the figure is almost hard to find workers to operate. Automatic transmission track, overhead trolley conveyor cassettes, cassette automatic loading and unloading conveyor everywhere, more than a thousand robots in an orderly manner at the front end in the production of intelligent plant work. China's first 6th generation LTPS (low temperature polysilicon) small and medium-size display panel production line mass production, is expected to annually produce high-end smart phones and mobile PC display panel of about 88 million, the output value of over a hundred billion. 'Gree intelligent equipment manufacturing after industry industrial Park 'project is completed and put into production, annual output value of 10 billion yuan is expected to fill the blank of domestic high-end equipment industry, Hubei manufacturing added a new benchmark.

Investment direction is more accurate, the emerging industry investment in line with the rapid growth of consumption in the direction of -

In Yellowstone, ZTE 3.0 billion investment can send new energy projects, will form an annual production capacity of 2GW new generation of lithium batteries for 30,000 new energy vehicles even provide grid energy storage lithium battery support.

In Wuhan, a joint team from Wuhan, according to Xun company, Wuhan University, Huawei set up R & D and Dongfeng Motor, Compass 'eye in the sky' remote-controlled cars autopilot.

Major projects, like a propeller, ballast stone, as the province had a strong ridge climbing power savings.

Mobilization, the province's exciting from here

Major projects to improve the gold content, thanks to advance planning provincial government.

February 23, 'major projects under Month' campaign kicked off in Huangshi City, 'expand effective investment, tackling major projects,' the mobilization agitation of the province. 'Major projects and investments are both important development projects, but also to deal with the current economic downward pressure, enhance the development potential of an important support. '' the investment and construction projects put in special position to take special initiatives to develop special style, high starting point plan, promote high standards, quality implementation ...... '

Provincial government for many years to carry out 'major projects' activities, the province's cadres and the masses care development Senju million hands before April, the province's 249 provincial key projects construction progress, accounting for 84.4% of the total number of key projects, has completed 35.5 percent of the annual investment plan, the construction schedule is higher than the same period last year by 7.1 percentage points.

Adhere to the 'King' attitude wavering, from a supply focus force, so that investors traveling light.

April 22, << Hubei Province to promote supply-side structural reforms in the overall scheme of five tasks >> introduction. Among them, the special action program of cost reduction proposed 39 dry goods, reducing the burden for businesses.

Less than a month, May 18, another wave of cost reduction 'red rain' struck. A series of combination punches, directly to enterprises in 2016 will bring more than 80 billion yuan bonus, so entrepreneurs have thumbs.

In the provincial party committee, the provincial government driven across the province and actively create a good environment for project construction.

Yichang HKC LCD and LED backlight source project, four days to complete the original project required 40 days gone through space and power lines migration tasks, creating a 'Yichang speed.'

Ask a question from the enterprise to solve the problem, it only took less than a month. In January this year, when the provincial Development and Reform Commission had been stationed cadres Fu Jianguo will not be completed project approval to the SAIC-GM-Wuhan Branch is responsible for the hands the person in charge of emotion: 'provincial Development and Reform Commission with emotion and responsibility to help enterprises solve problems, we sincerely thumbs up!'

New momentum, nurture new vitality

In Ezhou, a shoulder to shoulder 'Memphis' aviation city, is taking root.

The airport plans to build 4E-level flight zone dual track run independently, will be built into the world's fourth, the first air logistics hub in Asia. By 2020, the Boeing 747 and other large aircraft to take off from Ezhou.

The near future, a foothold in the Yangtze River, covering the whole country, radiation global air logistics hub, stand central to the motherland.

New normal calls for a new engine, a large project for the province's economic development savings new vitality.

Efforts to fill the gaps chain -

In Wuhan, a total investment of 24 billion US dollars of national storage base project started, this is the largest single investment since the founding of the province of high-tech industrial projects. After the completion of the project, the province will lead the design, packaging, manufacturing, application and other related aspects of the chip industry development, set to Pegasus, Huaxing power, represented by the display industry, and Huawei, Lenovo, Foxconn as the representative of the intelligent terminal industry together to create one trillion 'chip - display - smart terminal' the whole industry chain.

In Yichang, with a total investment of 20 billion HNA Yichang navigation industrial park and eco-city project, the city will build the Three Gorges in western Hubei Aviation economic center, forming airport economic growth pole, CSG efficient polysilicon film projects a total investment of 590 million yuan, Polycrystalline wafer the annual capacity of 120 million increase, completely changed the Chinese electronic grade silicon material relies on Western powers situation.

Xiangyang, Xiangyang investment of 2.5 billion inspection certification Industrial Park project, central China has become the only such industrial parks, Eagle Heavy intermodal logistics park will bring more than 100 companies supporting the development of the automotive, electrical and electronics, aerospace and other industries, the formation of one hundred one hundred million industrial clusters.

Trying to make up the short board livelihood -

Urban infrastructure shift to underground pipe network to focus on this year, the province is expected to achieve 160 billion yuan investment, holding more than 20% growth.

This year, the province plans to start the transformation of all kinds of shantytowns 390,000 units, monetization ratio exceeds 51%.

A new project, a new growth point.

Major projects, the 'Thirteen Five' start refreshing and encouraging, the solid foundation. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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