Entrepreneurship is the time Chu good scenery

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Original title: Entrepreneurship is the time Chu good scenery

Hubei Daily News Reporters effort Wenjun

6, the National Technology Transfer Center first roadshow in central Wuhan geological resources and environment ITRI developed 'hydrogen cars' by investors attention not only succeeded in finding investors, but also with the Yangtze River Capital jointly set up 500 million yuan Yangtze River economic belt hydrogen industry investment Fund.

Venture coffee, roadshow hall, technology transfer intermediary zone, the National Technology Transfer Center in Central platform focused on creating the whole ecological chain service system technology transfer Hubei transformation that makes the technology from the 'paper' into the 'market.'

More than 20 colleges and universities, more than 140 national key laboratories and provincial, more than 1,500 scientific research institutes, 64 academicians, more than 200 million college students ...... Hubei science and unique resources.

'Science and technology ten', the 'new nine', 'Golden ten' ...... Chu earth to usher in a new round of tide of technology start-ups.

Open the golden key: make paper patent to market

'The first hydrogen passenger cars, is expected in November this year off the assembly line.' Successful investors find in the middle of the National Technology Transfer Center, Wuhan Geological Resources and Environment Industrial Technology Research Institute Luolin Bo pleased to tell reporters.

The transformation is not easy.

Huazhong Agricultural University Professor Pan Siyi team took 11 years, developed the only biological prepared rice technology, it has been a long-term 'off' in the laboratory. Meters residue is monosodium glutamate factory, sugar factory waste, most of use for feed and broad prospects, but limited by various reasons achievements difficult.

In the province to promote scientific and technological achievements transformation of large projects, the results of the 2014 landing Dawu, in August 2015 put into operation, with annual sales of up to 30 billion yuan.

To break the invisible wall between the laboratory and the market, not to become a scientific and technological achievements on paper patent. In early 2013, the provincial government to promote innovation formulated << Implementation Opinions >> Hubei construction, around the 'innovation Hubei' building the introduction of 23 specific measures, 'science and technology ten' series of New Deal, bold touch system 'ceiling' of scientific and technological achievements intangible assets disposal, income distribution mechanism reform breakthrough.

Break through barriers world wide. By 2015, the province's technology contracts turnover exceeded 80 billion yuan mark, an increase of 38%, ranking the forefront of the province's high-tech industry average annual growth of 24.2%, in 2015 reached 502.894 billion yuan .

New Incubators: entrepreneurs grow cradle

April Munich Shanghai Light Bo, new products Wuhan Orson Dicko intelligent electronic control Technology Co., Ltd. 'fiber cutting CNC system', by the multinational Eurasian businessmen concerned, the signing of orders on-site.

Founder and general manager, said Yin steel, the company's scientific and technological innovation infancy, incubators, accelerators support is very precious.

The end of 2011, steel and friends Yin Fu law self-financing 500,000 yuan, the founder of the company. Dai settled Jiashan technology start-ups after City incubator, their main focus on research and development, tax returns and other 'chores' all the incubator staff free resolved.

Dai Jiashan city of science and technology, to build 160,000 square meters of 'a passenger space entrepreneurial nursery + + + gazelle enterprise incubator accelerator' maker space, has gathered more than 200 entrepreneurial team.

March 26, an Optical Valley 'Qing Tong sinks' to attract thousand squeeze Wuhan Vocational College of Software and Engineering. Eventually, the two online gaming venture classes each get 11 investment letter.

'Every day coffee, week in and week roadshow, a month 'Qing Tong sinks'', has become the most attractive scenery in Wuhan over the past two years,' Qing Tong sink '40 games were held themed events innovation and entrepreneurship students, more than 600 projects on stage roadshow, in which more than 50 teams get the investment, financing, amounting to 780 million yuan. 'a few years ago, talk to other people talk about business, no one ignores you, now, to talk about entrepreneurship, you're falling behind, and we start to catch up the Golden age. 'Optical Valley venture Hubei coffee as a new incubator, the contractor more than the Department of Qing Tong, general manager Li Ruxiong passionately told the young entrepreneurs is the time.

Currently, the province at all levels of various types of incubators accumulated over 300, hatch area exceeded 10 million square meters, are among the first in Central.

Financial think tanks: to help release the potential of science and technology enterprises

Enterprises have occupied the domestic high-end third-party blood disease testing market share of nearly eight percent, Kang Sheng Shiang Huang, president of global medical special inspection group, still four years ago, 'the long road financing,' remember, 'We have a lot of scientific and technological achievements, but without collateral It was because the bank is difficult to assess the value and risks of the outcome, the thought of financing big head. '

He said the company would soon become the industry leader, thanks to CDB Hubei Branch Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone, the common use of 'unified platform loans, secured by letter, joint venture, risk compensation' approach, the company provides 30 million yuan patent pledge loan.

The rise of high-tech industries, and often stems from technological innovation, as in financial innovation. Lack of funds, is a science and technology enterprises in the start-up period is not open around the bottleneck. 'A picture' CEO Tao told reporters, the Internet project failure rate of over 90% , but once successful, profit amazing.

In 2014, when the company developed to a certain scale, capital chain problems. Helpless on the occasion, Wuhan Science and Technology Venture angel investment fund team members take the initiative to come to venture capital funds to be invested 3 million capital increase of the company held 10% equity. Since then, the business has developed rapidly, it has been the capital of 10 million yuan investment institutions.

Provincial high investment fund three new board director Cheng believes in magic, venture capital funds for start-up enterprises in the service is not just financing, but also financial intelligence, financial management, become a 'think tank', help businesses grow and develop.

Currently, there are 19 venture capital funds Hubei national guidance fund shares, the amount of support 850 million yuan, ranking the nation, the first in central Wuhan, Xiangyang, Yichang and other 13 local government has set up a venture capital fund to guide the province's government venture boot total fund size of more than 11 billion yuan. accelerate the province's venture capital accumulation, it has registered more than 800 enterprises equity investment, registered capital of over 60 billion yuan. Optics Valley property rights exchange to establish a national regional equity markets first ' science and technology board ', has been listed on the SME 215.

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