Scientific water, ecological beauty and enjoy the city

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May 16, the city held in the Plaza Swan Saving Awareness Week launch ceremony, popularize water-saving knowledge, and create a water-saving society as a whole atmosphere.

Since 1991, China will annually the second week of May as urban water conservation Awareness Week this year, urban water conservation Awareness Week theme is 'water-saving stick priority, the construction of sponge cities.' Because Zhang has Reservoir and full of pride Jingmen, why continue to conserve water? Jingmen city construction sponge is what is the point?

Single water source, Jingmen need to conserve water

Currently the city's industrial water, domestic water, almost all from Zhang Zhang reservoir or reservoir water main canal, Zhang became the city's production and living water reservoir only source of water. At the same time, Zhang River Reservoir also shoulder Jingmen, Jingzhou, Yichang irrigation task three city 260 acres of farmland. However, due to the drought-prone, Zhang reservoir water level dropped dead water level situation often occurs.

August 3, 2014, Zhang dead reservoir water level below the water level, reaching the lowest level since 1980 over the same period, the amount of water to the reservoir basin than average rainfall and below normal over the same period more than 60% can not meet the water demand for irrigation scheduling , Zhang River Irrigation District for five consecutive years of drought, city water has also been a great threat.

The summer of 2014, many enthusiastic public response through various channels of water conservation initiatives, called on everyone to save water, love beautiful home. Jingmen single water source, the initiative continues today to pass.

City Utilities Management Office responsible person, as long as the family get rid of bad habits, you can water-saving about 70% of these bad habits include: flush toilet with a broken cigarette butts and fine waste, in order to take a cup of cold water, and let go of a lot of water in vain , first wash the potatoes, carrots, peeled, and then choose the vegetables after washing or intermittent water when not off the tap, period without water, forgot to turn off the faucet, wash your hands, wash your face, brush your teeth, let the water has been flowing, before going to bed, before leaving, do not check faucets, equipment leaks, do not fix it in time and the like.

Construction sponge City, the city in nature 'breathe'

City water, concrete is an important reason too, can put water conservation woodland, grassland, lakes, wetlands and to take up, cut off the natural water cycle. Rain came only as a sewage drain away, the more groundwater pumping fewer solve urban water shortage problem, it must adapt to nature.

Sponge is a metaphor of urban city like a sponge, when rainfall can be encountered in situ absorption or nearby, memory storage, infiltration, purify rainwater, groundwater recharge, regulate the water cycle, when drought conditions exist to build water released, and make use of, so that water transport activities in the city of more 'natural.' rely mainly on the traditional model of urban construction drainage pipe, pumping stations and other 'gray facilities' to organize the discharge stormwater runoff, to 'quickly ruled out' and 'the end of the concentration' control as the main planning and design concepts. the city emphasizes the priority use of sponge grass ditch rain gardens, sunken green spaces and other 'green' measures to fugitive emissions rainwater runoff to 'slow-release row' and 'decentralized source' as the main control planning and design concepts.

October 2013, the municipal government issued a circular calling for further strengthening of the city construction project management for water-saving projects, and actively promote the construction of water-saving city. Notice requires all parts of the new water projects, water-saving techniques must be applied and water conservation techniques, the use of water-saving products. New land more than 20,000 square meters of the project, should be supporting the construction of water facilities or rainwater harvesting system to collect rainwater in water or priority for toilet flushing, car washing, watering garden green landscape and water. currently, the rainwater harvesting system has been in the city of Metropolis, Triumph Bay, the capital of Chu Wing Phoenix and other new residential areas have been promoted.

Build demonstration projects, concentrated expression of the beauty of the city

Currently, the city has set up a sponge urban construction pilot work leading group, << Jingmen low-impact development stormwater control and comprehensive utilization of construction management approach >> and a series of supporting the introduction of safeguards.

According to the plan, the city will build a demonstration project in New Zhang. Zhang district plan in the implementation of ecological parking lot double happiness and ecological restoration project, comprehensive application sponge technology city, the city to build sponge technology showcase area. Eastern District Zhang as a sponge urban pilot area has 16 projects started. in addition, high-tech zones in Jingmen · Duodao District planning and construction sponges city industrial park, mainly for the production of sponge urban construction required the patented product.

Zhang opened a new avenue to, for example, road and other road looks no different, but in reality concealed 'mystery': bike lanes and sidewalks are paved and permeable brick permeable asphalt, the following is not impervious cement mortar, but the thickness of 15-20 cm of sand and gravel cushion. their high porosity can lock a lot of rain, the rain slowly infiltrate into the soil. the design of the intermediate green belt also pay attention to both sides of the green belt It has a concave green, about 15 cm lower than the road surface. Thus, the roadway rainwater collection come in through the hole, and stored in the soil layer to retention and purification.

Invest 387 million yuan transformation of 2,000 acres of water surface Phoenix Lake Wetland Park, Jingmen planning concept for 'green kidney', through the entire Phoenix Lake wetland waters and the surrounding land comprehensive management, wetlands restoration of natural ecosystems and promoting wetlands ecosystem development, improve the level of biological diversity, implement wetland landscape naturalized. construction sponge urban philosophy has always been throughout, not only for public recreation more than a good place, but also better able to show the ecological urban beauty. (around Tan Qing-yu Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 科學節水,暢享城市生態美