Economic Growth in the service sector as the main force

Updated: 2016-5-24 6:07:00  Views: 837

WASHINGTON correspondent Lai Yongfeng reports: Recently released Jiangxi economy, 'a quarterly' shows that the service sector is becoming the main force of economic growth in Jiangxi Province, according to statistics, the first quarter of this year, Jiangxi province's service industry accounts for the proportion of GDP. for the first time more than 40%, to achieve a historic breakthrough, value added services, the growth rate ranks sixth in the country, reaching 10.2%, continues to outperform the GDP growth rate.

In order to solve the total service sector is small, low specific gravity, irrational structure and other issues since last year, Jiangxi depth implementation speed the development of service industry three-year action plan, and promote the service industry supply-side structural reforms, efforts to optimize the spatial layout services, to build 'nuclear seven with a hundred-point support,' the service industry development pattern, accelerate the construction of Nanchang urban core high-end service industry gathering area, great efforts to cultivate modern corridor Chang nine new services, the central Soviet area of gannan ecological services and other resources seven industrial belt, the provincial planning and construction of modern service area 100.

According to the Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics data analysis, development of service industry in Jiangxi highlights three highlights: First, the contribution of value added services increased significantly last year, the province's GDP growth rate higher than the growth rate of 0.9 percent, the services sector accounted. the province's tax revenue more than 'half' the first quarter of this year, the province's service industry was 155.32 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of GDP reached 41.2%. the second is to optimize the structure. last year, total social investment services of investment 44.3%, the service sector has become an important force to optimize the investment structure in the first quarter of this year, the Internet, UNESCO bodies, consumer and other service industries investment growth remained at above 50%, the province's e-commerce transactions grew nearly 50%. Third, innovative power is greater. outstanding performance in 'double hit' dynamic sustained release, this year five new national science and technology incubator, the first batch of 33 provincial public a space, the emergence of China Aviation industrial Park Yangtze designers, small blue innovation and entrepreneurial base and a number of service industry gathering area. At the same time, the main market services continued to climb this year, the province's industrial and commercial registration services business added 28,697, accounting for 70.3% of all new enterprises.

Jiangxi Provincial Government recently issued << on accelerating the development of the life of service to promote the implementation of the views >> proposed upgrading of consumption structure, the next five years, Jiangxi will focus on the development of tourism services, cultural services, health services, pension and disabled care services, residents and family services, business services, sports services, legal and educational services of the eight life of service. By 2020, strive to live service value added grew faster than the province's GDP growth rate, the proportion of GDP more than 20%, the tax total tax revenue remained at more than 25% of employment in the proportion of society the number of jobs more than 20%, the basic form a rational layout, rich format, fully functional, management practices, convenient and efficient quality of life services industry system. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 服務業成江西經濟增長主力軍