Hubei private rocket successfully won the bid matching orders

Updated: 2016-5-24 6:41:00  Views: 767

Hubei Daily News (Reporter Jiang Hui, correspondent late grams Who 'glass door' can not be broken, Ezhou Gedian Development Zone, a private enterprise with the two central enterprises the same stage PK, the successful bidder for rocket motor insulation orders in the aerospace field, private participation the core product development are rare.

Provincial Committee Office was informed yesterday from the talent, solid rocket motor insulation, this project has been named the province's private enterprises to declare the first 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy Team' project, will receive 500,000 yuan of funds to support the provincial finance.

According to master this technology Poly Technology Co., Ltd. Hubei Hang introduced, more than 70% of the rocket launch failures are due to engine failure caused by insulation, insulation is one of the solid rocket motor core technology. The company has independently developed the insulating material ' paste 'in the rocket engine housing insulating layer is formed, enabling the rocket casing scour 3000 degrees Celsius high-temperature air and particles, remain below the safe temperature of 100 degrees Celsius to ensure launch safety.' this material is excellent performance, low price, can reduce the cost of two-thirds. 'the person in charge Yong introduced in March last year, the national team to participate in a key model engine insulation bids, and two central enterprises the same stage PK. after the factory up to 8 months of system testing, the results show that the company's insulation technical indicators are better than the opponent, the successful bidder. Air poly company also became the first domestic private enterprise assume key model full engine insulation material in the industry caused no small vibration. ' only this one project, we expect the country will save 100 million yuan. 'Yong said that with the arrival of Chinese commercial space age, rockets will be more frequent, improve security, reduce launch costs is the key, high-performance insulation material will boost the development of commercial space flight.

Poly Air company, founded only two years, little-known private enterprises, and why can the national team of the central enterprises 'predators' competition and successfully broke into the 'sophisticated' in the aerospace field? 'Relevant national strategic plan and policies to break the private capital into the aerospace industry 'glass door' 'Speaking of policy, Yong familiar: the central government in 2014 to promote civil-military integration of the development, the State Council explicitly encourage private capital into the development, launch and operation of commercial remote sensing satellites, all military weapons and equipment procurement information network open to private enterprises, the gradual elimination of barriers to policy ......

Yong admitted that it is these 'feel good' policy, so he decided to resign from the central rate, venture into the sea. Currently, the company has been through the most difficult start-up period, began small batch production. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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