Hebei Langfang Jingqia Hui signed 79 key projects

Updated: 2016-5-24 6:46:00  Views: 753

Reporter Qiao Jinliang

Qiao Jinliang WASHINGTON correspondent reports: May 21, 2016 in Langfang, China International Economic and Trade Fair ended.

Jing Qiahui seize this great opportunity of Beijing, Tianjin and joint development 'along the way' strategy, a number of key projects docking contract: Hebei Langfang municipal government and the Zhongguancun Software Park signed a strategic cooperation agreement, China Aerospace Aerodynamics Research School of rainbow UAVs and other major scientific and technological innovation projects settled in Gu'an, Hebei advantage of spare capacity to 'go out' with the ASEAN countries to expand current Jingqia Hui butt ...... 79 key projects signed, with a total investment amounting to $ 10.3 billion involving high-end equipment manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, electronic information and modern agriculture and other fields 18.

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Traditional Chinese: 河北廊坊經洽會簽約重點項目79項