Month-ups also need real-name bus ticket to Hangzhou have an identity card

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Wenzhou Reuters reporter yesterday from the City Transportation Management department was informed that during the G20 summit in Hangzhou province road passenger transport security work for the good, since mid-June, the public to buy bus tickets to the full implementation of real-name system, and during the G20 summit, members of the public to travel to Hangzhou need to carry identity documents, the 'people, ticket, card' unity.

Upon request, to promote the real-name ticket system to work, conditional passenger depot management system has been upgraded, enabling a visitor to automatically collect information summary. Mid-June, are required to produce their identity cards when people buy bus tickets, through also need to accurately fill out tickets network identity information. It is reported that, after the real-name ticket system, tickets will also be different from the original, it will print out the car's name, ID number and other information on the face.

According to reports, a valid ID card the same trips only allowed to buy one ticket real-name system, passengers are required to produce their own, such as to buy the guest and the window ID card to purchase more than one ticket. According to relevant regulations, children under 1.2 meters free of charge in when children from 1.2 to 1.5 m to buy half-price ticket, parents can carry valid documents and other accounts of the tickets, the police station or to the bus terminal field of live production stagnation temporary ID card tickets. It is noted that, for the altered tickets or refund guests also need to present a ticket and identification information match.

In addition, during the G20 summit in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Flights ticket passengers in boarding areas, the real-name system bus ticket. Passenger will set up a special wicket, relatively independent of the waiting area, with the public security departments to verify passenger identity information, passengers in ride of 'people, ticket, card' unity conditions. in case of lost or forget to bring ID card, etc., may be stationed on-site at the police station passenger Station making temporary ID cards for travel. Reporters also learned that, G20 during the summit, the public security departments will all hang into passenger vehicles, drivers and passengers real-name system landing checks.

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Traditional Chinese: 下月起坐大巴車也需實名購票 去杭州還得帶身份證