Yellow cars forbidding weather Nanchang positive collecting public opinion

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News newspaper Nanchang (Jiangxi Daily Reporter Cai Yinghui May 23, reporters learned from the Traffic Management Bureau of Nanchang, Nanchang proposed from August 1, on the yellow car from the sub-period limit line around the clock to cut the line, now this solicitation public opinion.

The main city daytime microscopic yellow cars

June 1, 2013, the provisions of Nanchang daily 7:00 to 22:00, and on non-standard car yellow car the limit line to achieve traffic control in the main city of Nanchang predetermined range. At the same time, all road motor vehicles shall apply for yellow-green mark.

At that time, the scope of the forbidden line emission vehicles only Hongdu Avenue (excluding, Liberation Road (excluding, Hongcheng Road (excluding Fuhe Road (excluding, Yangming Road, Yangming Road encircled area Gan Jiang Road, friendship Road Nance (excluding, HSBC and the Boulevard, Lushan South Road (excluding encircled area, and Bayi Bridge, Nanchang Bridge. in other words, when the limit line of the old Town area limited to Nanchang Honggutan central area and the central area of environmental protection limit line in the range of 15.23 square kilometers.

August 1, 2014, the expansion of Nanchang no green flag or holding yellow green signs vehicle traffic restrictions range limit line area expanded to Lushan South Road (excluding, Gan Jiang Road, Jiangxi Jiangnan Avenue, clouds Avenue (not containing raw maple Expressway (excluding, dishes Lake Avenue (excluding encircled area, Bayi Bridge, Nanchang Bridge, Castle Lake Avenue (excluding, Jiefang (excluding, Hongcheng Road (excluding Fuhe Road , along the North Road (along North Bridge Road bridge to the rich hero without a great way, a great rich road (excluding encircled area.

It is understood that after the expansion of the limit line area, environmental protection limit line area of 15.23 square kilometers increased by a 70.53 square kilometers.

Dealt with nearly 3 million cases of yellow car Chuang forbidden line

It is understood that the limit line sections, the size of the trucks with contraband yellow car traffic violations still prominent, especially in peak hours, the yellow car Chuang forbidden line not only increase the traffic pressure on the city, the city has become one of the sources of air pollution .

From November 11, 2014, Nanchang traffic police to enable 21 smart bayonet electronic police, covering the entire environmental protection limit line area. Emission vehicles in the forbidden line period into the environmental limit line the road, it will be captured electrically police and punished. At the time, yellow car traffic police department, no standard car into the free zone to perform a fine of 200 yuan, recorded 2 points penalty standards.

From February 1, 2015, Nanchang Authority to pay according to the relevant provisions of the Traffic Act, for Chuang forbidden line emission vehicles increased penalties for traffic offense, a fine of 200 yuan unchanged, into the forbidden line emission vehicles from the original mind ' 2 points 'to mind' three points. '

'As long as yellow cars entering the restricted pedestrian area, the smart card port system on the road will be immediate alarm, instant recognition capture.' Zeng Ming Nanchang Traffic Management Bureau Command Center, director of traffic police department of environmental protection-free zone over the set of smart card port system, set 86 sets of capture warning signs, signs, and all 32,000 Nanchang yellow car license plate number, vehicle information and other data import law enforcement database for smart card identification system port use.

Reporters learned that the smart bayonet capture system has three characteristics: First, can automatically identify vehicle license plate, and second, can automatically match the type of vehicle and the third is through the network to automatically upload pictures of vehicle traffic offense, Chuang forbidden line time, location and other information to ensure the accurate and fast recording Chuang forbidden line behavior.

Nanchang Authority to pay to provide data show that from July 2013 began to yellow car Chuang forbidden line illegal capture correct implementation of the, so far, a total correction of the traffic police department at 2.87 million cases of yellow car Chuang forbidden line.

Logistics enterprises more affected

23, the reporter learned from the Nanchang intends August 1, on the yellow car from the sub-period limit line around the clock to cut the line, this is currently soliciting public opinion.

It is reported that if the public on the changes made in the program have any comments, you can send e-mail to the front at 17:00 on June 8 ( ( Governor Administration Center.

'In the past also entered the town late at night, if adjustment, trucks can not enter the downtown area.' Engaged in logistics and freight Mr. Wan said, if not into the next urban goods, will have to make a small truck or tricycle to transport the goods to the shipping department It will increase a lot of cost.

'Increased cost must be out by the owners, the increase in spending will eventually be reflected in the price of goods.' Ms. Wang opened shipping department, told reporters, in addition to some trucks do have a permit, there are many trucks unloaded into the city at night choose .

It is understood that many freight practitioners hope to appropriately increase the amount of passes will be issued. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 黃標車全天候禁行 南昌正征集民意