Super City Finance Office to answer three percent of private lending has leased line registration

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Super City Finance Office to answer three percent of private lending has leased line registration

Wenzhou Reuters how to report false advertising investment? Wenzhou P2P situation how? Income 'Happiness shares' ( 'Blue Ocean Shares') of whether security? Yesterday, the City Finance Office Director Zhang Zhenyu mayor hotline to answer, in a half-hour A total of 13 people within the time reached the hotline, the private financing norms to guide multi-channel financing, corporate financial risk management, the fight against the default, financial services and other aspects of job evaluation consulting, Zhang Zhenyu, which were answered.

Days Hengtai (Beijing) wealth has been filed

Dedicated to answer the mayor, there are seven members of the public response hotline into alleged illegal deposits from the public issue day Hengtai (Beijing) the public wealth Ms. Yang said:. 'Last year, she invested money in the days Hengtai company, agreed monthly interest 1 to 2 points, but in February this year have so far been heard from since, the company sub-station in Wenzhou, now empty, I want to redeem the principal amount, the company has also been all sorts of shirk. now how to deal with? '

Zhang Zhenyu said the Municipal Finance Office docked understanding and Wenzhou Public Security Bureau, it is understood, Wenzhou Hengtai days police have on file, is now evidence stage, Wenzhou police have invested more than 150 people made a record. In the days Hengtai Beijing registered, with a sub-site in Wenzhou, Wenzhou person in charge of the site is a financial head office in Beijing, has yet to be controlled. Since the days of wealth Hengtai Corporation set up in Beijing, Beijing Chaoyang police belonging to the management of this case involving two public security coordination issues, and therefore requires a long time, Wenzhou police are actively communicate with the Beijing police, efforts to speed up the investigation and evidence collection, the Municipal Finance Office will promptly follow up understanding. if there are other people also involved in the case should be collected evidence report as soon as possible.

BUSINESS suspended since February this year registered P2P

'For some of the chaos in the field of private financing, in particular the risk of P2P network lending industry, the department has no further regulatory measures? How Wenzhou situation?' Mr Wong asked to call P2P related issues.

Zhang Zhenyu, currently registered in Wenzhou registered P2P net loan institutions a total of 76 Specification and development is the main tone of the 2016 development of the Internet financial industry, Wenzhou are actively carrying out P2P net loan industry investigation and remediation work, especially last year in the city the range to carry out P2P net loan industry carpet investigation and action, and achieved remarkable results, mastered the entire industry risk base. in February this year, the business sector also suspended the registration work P2P net loan industry. in addition, the Municipal Finance Office joint of Public Security, the people's Bank, the Banking, telecommunications, and other departments of the investigation transition working groups, joint supervision of the P2P industry, the counties (cities, districts) synchronized with the corresponding investigation work. 'appears to have signs of business, we will carry out prompt. last year we also punished 3 pen, prompting dozens of copies. overall, Wenzhou P2P industry is still a good operation, but the risk is still latent, it is recommended that investors need rational. 'Zhang Zhenyu said.

And strive to three lending centers profitability

The people Ms. Chen scored hotline complaints lending the city a civil service center, and the city is currently consulting the private lending service center transformation related work.

'Private lending service center is the first project of Wenzhou financial reform, is the first established and now the country's 23 provinces, set up more than 200 lending service centers, are borrowed and copied the practice of Wenzhou. Wenzhou's private lending service center there are seven, the ability to vary the level of business, which is currently a lack of financial professionals with relevant. 'Zhang Zhenyu said that private lending service centers throughout the business process losses significantly, Wenzhou is the successful experience, fight for three profitable lending center .

In addition, Zhang Zhenyu also revealed that the Wenzhou Municipal Finance Office forecast the city's private lending funds reached 80 billion yuan, currently has nearly 300 million private lending registration service center funding, accounting for more than 30%, and this proportion is still a gradual increase is expected this year, nearly half of the private lending funds will be registered by the lending service center.

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Traditional Chinese: 市金融辦主任接聽專線 超三成民間借貸已登記備案