After breaking up the engagement bride price 200,000 can demand the return of former lover do enemies do this go to court

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Times News Hangzhou Chen this year over 30 years old, two years ago, at a friend's introduced to the age of Taizhou lad Li. Li handsome, witty talk to Chen left a good impression, they micro-letter day on the addition of each other. despite being a long distance relationship, but soon it established a relationship.

Early last year, two people gonna get married. When engaged, the two sides agreed in accordance with good, Mike gave Chen a total of 20 million bride price, but also sent a 50,000 yuan worth of gold ornaments duck, meaning love than Jin Jian.

Unexpectedly, Chen occasionally in the circle of friends to see the photos of Mike singing in the KTV, he close together with a woman, which makes Chen jealous. Mike explained that it is just an ordinary friend, not small Chen think. but this explanation, Mike is not accepted.

Their relationship gradually deteriorated. Mike's heart has always had a lump in engagement after that Chen had a failed marriage, but Li believes that he is still in love with each other, so accepted it.

Until last July, Chen also made a break, because Li often conceal themselves and carrying a strange woman to play outside.

After the breakup, Chen returned 50,000 yuan bride price, but Li did not think the two marriage knot, it should be returned, and that 20 million gift gold duck Thus, former lovers, enemies go to court.

Yesterday, the City Court hearing of the case. The plaintiff gallery, Li look dignified, he thought, not to break their own, that the bride price of 20 million should be returned, but Chen has said that refund 5 million is the money had to buy gold, and that the remaining 150,000 gold mandarin duck, as their order Li had 2 miscarriages compensation.

Case is no court verdict.

So, the man in the end requires the woman to return the bride price Can it?

Zhejiang Wushan law firm lawyers said Fan Xiao, China's marriage law clearly forbids arranged, mercenary marriage and any other acts of interference in the freedom of marriage, marriage shall be prohibited to obtain property as any of the following conditions, the parties may request the return of customs payments in accordance with the bride price: the two sides did not apply for marriage registration, the parties for marriage registration but they do not live together before marriage and lead to payment difficulties in the lives of payment should be conditional on divorce after two conditions apply in the present case, Chen and small. Lee has not for marriage registration, so that Mike may request the refund of bride price accordingly. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 訂婚後分手 20萬彩禮能要求返還嗎昔日的戀人為此反目鬧上了法庭