"Sochi Declaration" advocated by the South China Sea code of conduct

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Original title: << >> Sochi Declaration advocated by the South China Sea code of conduct

Moscow, May 23 newspaper reporter Zhang Chunyou electric two-day Russia - ASEAN summit in the southern Russian city of Sochi recently concluded Conference issued << >> Sochi Declaration, as soon as advocated by the South China Sea code of conduct << >>.

Summit Declaration noted that the participating parties agreed to support the effective implementation of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in full >> << South China Sea, and as soon as possible on the basis of consensus by the South China Sea code of conduct << >>.

Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that the Silk Road Economic Belt concept put forward by China, the SCO and the spirit of ASEAN economic partnership tripartite relationship similar to the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union, there is no contradiction, Russia will communicate with the Chinese side, I believe that both sides have a positive cooperation Putin said:. 'unanimously endorsed by all member States of ASEAN integration and the Eurasian economic Union and the Shanghai cooperation organization, in order to avoid institutional overlap.'

The summit also adopted the 2016--2020 action plan in Promoting ASEAN cooperation with Russia to deepen bilateral cooperation in political and security, economic, energy and social and cultural fields.

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Traditional Chinese: 《索契宣言》主張通過南海行為準則