Food and Drug Administration interviewed 20 food and beverage companies

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Original title: Food and Drug Administration interviewed 20 food and beverage companies

Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Huang Zujian Recently, the Guangzhou Food and Drug Administration in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Act, the city focused on interviews with nine operators pasta catering units and 11 units of 20 aquatic products catering catering head of the unit in the interviews, the city food and Drug Administration informed the relevant person in charge since last year, catering links pastas and aquatic product sampling failed verification and subsequent administrative penalty cases.

Since last year, the Guangzhou Food and Drug Administration in the catering of food safety sampling inspection organizations, we found part of the catering units operating in the presence of chloramphenicol and other aquatic projects fail, there are some surface and the presence of excessive levels of aluminum pasta, etc. after the case of these failed projects is illegal to add or cause beyond the scope of the use of additives. obtain test results, district of Guangzhou City food and Drug Administration has the relevant food service units for verification disposal, and in accordance with the food safety law and other regulations to implement the administrative punishment .

A Hunan Restaurant, the person in charge was interviewed told reporters last year, the city Food and Drug Administration law enforcement officers carried out spot checks on the store, the results found in-store flour used excessive aluminum, the shop was fined 2000 yuan. 'But not our own production of flour, is the time to buy did not pay attention, leading to the use of excessive aluminum products, the future will leave a note purchase credentials. 'she said.

Guangzhou Food and Drug Administration called on the general public, such as food safety found suspected illegal clues, you can call 12331 telephone reports and complaints, Food and Drug Administration department will promptly investigate and deal with according to the law, and complaints substantiated by the person reward. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 食藥監局約談20家餐飲企業