Qingyuan enterprises to seize the Nuggets is a "win-win"

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Original title: Corporate Qingyuan beachhead Denver is a 'win-win'

Dragon plum

Last week, foreign cooperation Qingyuan very 'busy':

May 22 afternoon, Qingyuan municipal government of Milan, Italy, China Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Qingyuan. Under the agreement, China will play the Group resources, funding, focusing on the city's comprehensive development, cross-border e-commerce, agricultural trade, business travel , cultural and creative fields to strengthen cooperation with the Qingyuan City.

May 19 afternoon, Qingyuan municipal government and Guangdong Water Group (Hong Kong Limited signed a strategic cooperation letter of intent, according to a letter of intent to participate in Qingyuan, Guangdong Water Water project investment, construction and operation.

May 16 afternoon, Party Secretary Ge Changwei Qingyuan, Mayor Guo Feng met with CITIC Trust chairman Chenyi Song line. Chenyi Song said CITIC Trust will continue to deepen cooperation and Qingyuan City, and constantly enhance mutual trust and strive to provide quality financial services and financial consultancy services to contribute to the development of Qingyuan.

Such a 'lively' scene in Qingyuan now has become increasingly common. Why Qingyuan to investigate and seek cooperation and a constant stream of business? What information is revealed behind this?

I thought, this is the role of promoting economic laws, it is the result of a combination of two needs: on the one hand the development of Qingyuan standing on a higher level, the blueprint has been portrayed, need to use external resources to promote better, more level of development, on the other hand, in recent years the development of Qingyuan outside attention, prospects are promising, for example, in the first quarter of this year, Qingyuan GDP growth rate reached 8.3%, ranking second in the province, admiring some of the strategic partners of investment in Qingyuan confident.

Qingyuan adopted in recent years laying the foundation, structural adjustment, to achieve the development of the 'big turn', Kwong-ching up to the provincial integration strategy, Qingyuan Hi-tech Zone successfully upgraded to the national high-tech zones, expanding development pattern, has begun to have a Revival conditions for development, on the force of the key points, the future prospects can be expected. However, the outlook is still not commensurate with the expected development of Qingyuan and disposal factors of development resources, own resources alone, in a short time is difficult to achieve the stated vision , which it needs to borrow outside forces, high-level, high standards of planning and construction, resulting in faster time to within better achieve the grand blueprint Qingyuan.

Business is sensitive, some companies and investors for the development needs of Qingyuan, 'hint', hoping to catch the Qingyuan development of the 'ride.' In recent years, rapid economic and social development in Qingyuan, to create a good investment environment, Changlong Group, Baiyun electrical appliances, the EU sent home and some other well-known large companies in the industry have chosen to settle in Qingyuan, Qingyuan as an important stage for future development, played a very good demonstration and leading role in an increasing number of strategic partner selection Qingyuan, confidence , Qingyuan as a hot spot for investment, hope this piece of land in Qingyuan, nurture new business development hope.

In a market economy, resources will certainly want to low cost, high efficiency, profit, outlook good place flow of a city, the more resources means more broad prospects, the more bright future. Today companies to dig Qingyuan gold has become common practice. development Qingyuan Foreign strategies need to strengthen cooperation, bring in outside resources to help revitalize the rise, while the development in Qingyuan, contains a variety of opportunities, enterprises Nuggets strategic, strategic partners can bring prospects and 'money scene.' this is a win-win, this is a virtuous circle, where the future is the driving force of Qingyuan development.

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Traditional Chinese: 企業到清遠搶灘掘金是一種“雙贏”