Reinforce the core values of civilization and forces unite

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Original title: reinforce the core values of civilization and forces unite

Guangdong attaches great importance to the fine traditional culture and education, students learn Pictured Guangzhou Cantonese culture. Nanfang Daily reporter Liang Wenxiang photo

Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, May 23 - Looking for positive energy from 'their neighbors' stories reflect the spirit of civilization throughout urban and rural areas in Guangdong in recent years the beauty ...... spiritual civilization in a more prominent position, pour soul poly gas, is the first comprehensive well-off social cohesion broad consensus and strength.

Tell a good story town

New civilized urban agglomeration wind getting stronger

A warm market 'filial respect for the elderly song', accompanied by volunteer sign language dance on stage with interactive warm - Boluo in Huizhou Culture Square, a large auditorium and public morality happiness activities are big stage out regularly.

In this open platform, people share stories of volunteers and moral models, all 'people around say things around.' Boluo station launched more than three years, carry forward Chinese traditional culture, 'Channel Classics', also on the lens the auditorium of 'their neighbors' figure.

'People like me, why? Because he knew these people.' Composed of more than 2000 by the Cultural Volunteers Association President Boren Wubing Ju told reporters that some mass audience auditorium spot commitment to do 'good husband', 'good father' 'good colleague', 'a few days, we have seen on TV. saying out, we should do!'

Hotel Boluo in Huizhou City vigorously promote 'good city' construction, the establishment of a special fund good care around the moral model, to create a good team around good people, let the positive energy from the crowd extended to a city, Dongguan give the city the power to promote 'Volunteering City 'construction, party and government organs, institutions, state-owned enterprises, medium-sized non-public economic organizations, volunteer service team full coverage, Zhongshan City in-depth implementation of national self action, cumulative set up' self-school 'more than 1,100 rooms, the' people around talk around things, 'and other forms of mass participation of more than 300 million people ......

Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, etc. have been created as a national civilized city, civilized city to create a group of PRD as a leader driven by core values in these civilized city in a variety of forms increasingly integrated into everyday life.

In Miki soul

Values into the urban and rural landscape

'Bamboo exhausted French' are Dongguan Changan Park, a landscape: a shape of ancient sculptures stand bamboo flowers, 'open', the ancient Chinese seal inscribed jurist governance philosophy and motto famous.

This is the first in Dongguan 'rule of law' as the theme park. 'Popularizing small square' 'French Qiaochuang' 'good law and good governance Pavilion', 'Law Mexican corridor' 'breeze waterside', dozens of the core values of the landscape, cleverly integrated into the park lines and natural environment for the public to influence the play by the visitors.

Park is located in Dongguan City Changan town Party committee member Zhang Chong said Chang'an Town resident population of 660,000, while the household population of only 4.7 million. In order to promote migrant workers understand the socialist core values, Chang'an Town, put values into the park construction, it is desirable people realized that 'rule of law' in the context of recreation, feel the 'rule of law' cultural spirit.

Guangdong Cantonese, Hakka, Chaoshan three people department, each has a rich cultural heritage and identity. Organic convergence around the local history and culture, will highlight the theme park playing distinctive value guidance, reflecting the local culture of moral education sites, cultural landscapes .

Guangzhou as a 'patriotic love of family' as the theme of creating 'Journey of Love' Baiyun Mountain Scenic line, Shenzhen to 'open' as the theme to create Lotus Hill Park, Heyuan Hakka culture as a starting point to build a group of Hakka Proverbs promenade and Hakka culture Park koup family motto, Chaozhou Tai O cultural Park in shallow culture as its theme, showing shallow coastal fishing village culture ......

New construction of spiritual civilization achievements, but also Lingnan Dress rural and urban and rural home. Guangdong focused on creating a number of sets of learning and teaching type, ceremonial type, activity type in one of the ancestral culture, 'Dragon peasant paintings,' and a number of Lingnan local cultural characteristics and industry characteristics of public service advertising works, high density appeared in urban and rural streets, rural communities, public transportation subway and other outdoor display platform ...... core values have formed a special cultural landscape, echoing the construction of spiritual civilization pace.

Innovation Management

Promote patriotism Fashion

1800, more than 90 percent of tertiary education, 5% of available bilingual explain, there are 30% of the units with a special commentary service for minors - a group of instructors population data, reflecting the Guangdong to build modern patriotism education base, the innovative management models, strengthen professional management features.

2015, patriotism education base in Guangdong Province received nearly 100 million visitors from the crowd.

Guangdong Provincial Civilization relevant responsible person said, the content in the form of education base is also innovative and strongly prominent Cantonese specialties.

In recent years, Guangdong has organized the 'thousands of foreign workers into the bases for patriotic education activities' to guide the outstanding representative for migrant workers in Guangdong revolutionary history, construction history, for young people to carry out 'I love the country, I love my family.' students in Guangdong province Epistle activities for students in the form of letters to talk about the relationship between the individual and society, the family and the state, culture patriotism with the concept of the family ...... Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 夯實核心價值觀 凝聚文明力量