Effectively put the power into the cage in the system

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Original title: effectively put power into the cage in the system

Wang Yan poetry

From the lessons of history, the power to really put into a cage is not easy, and sometimes even system not only did not put the power into a cage, but let the power system into a cage. System and power is always opposition paradox, the system always want as much as possible limits on power, always want to limit the power to break the system, the two never-ending contest in coordination to promote the 'four comprehensive' strategic layout today, the real use of the system to power caged must do the following.

(A bear in mind the party's ideals and beliefs and purpose. To a clear understanding of why the revolutionary predecessors Base of the Party, the revolution to seize power why. Many of the older generation of revolutionaries who came from rich peasants and even the landlords and capitalists, the old warlord family, who despite family opposition and even betrayal family , put his head revolution, not for themselves, but for the common ideals and beliefs, for national independence, national prosperity and people's happiness. today's party members and cadres, when party also have pride to want to do a party and the people Fan career, but over time, they often forget the early heart, forget 'Why departure' Comrade Wang said:. 'as a Communist Party should always bear in mind the commitment to regularly review the constitution, review the party's oath, his own firm joined the Communist Party when the original intention. often control what to see is not always, everywhere, everything to keep in mind, to uphold the party's ideals and beliefs and purposes. 'do that, right Yan used to have a solid ideological foundation.

(B carry forward the glorious tradition of the older generation of revolutionaries to strict usage rights in strict order on use rights, the older generation of revolutionaries have done a very good example. As Comrade Mao Zedong was never self-serving friends, founding of New China, there was a relatives to Mao write a letter asking for a transfer to work in Beijing, Mao Zedong has been seriously refused, he wrote in reply:.. 'Do not come to Beijing, do not make things difficult for the government I was president, I can not solve the Chairman Mao most people difficulties to seek the interests of the majority. If only solve the difficulties of a person, only consider their own relatives, then I become the Chairman when not! 'Comrade Zhou Enlai strict public and private, have time to go before the first foreign guests met Beijing Hotel to the barber, he will go to Beijing Zhongnanhai this section of the hotel operator for personal affairs, to pay the fare. the older generation of revolutionaries who firmly to the right with the noble demeanor, is the precious spiritual wealth of our party, we should inherit and carry forward vigorously.

(Iii recognize their power in real terms. One should understand the power come from today's power from bloodshed revolutionary predecessors, the Chinese Anti-Japanese War soldiers and civilians only sacrifice, the victims up to 35 million people, from the people's unconditional support As a ballad sings: 'Finally a bowl of rice, do take rations, and finally a foot of cloth used to make uniforms, and finally a baby, to send him on the battlefield.' Second, we must understand why the inherited power generation is a generation. the play, historical baton hand of our generation is to the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics to push forward and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese. Three dreams must be clear with the right to do. power it can only be used for the service people, must not abuse of power. today's society is a pluralistic society, everyone has adequate choice, but once selected a social role, you must press the corresponding code of conduct to act. choose to do party members and cadres, we should give up on pursuit of interests, an officer must not only want to want to get rich, with their power to reap profits.

(Iv repeated infinitely transform 'Three Views.' Some leading cadres of corruption, abuse of power onto the road, is to ignore the root causes of the transformation of the world, life and values, 'master switch' out of the question. To establish a correct outlook on life and values, we must strengthen ideological education, strengthen self-learning, improve their moral standards, and constantly consolidate and expand the correct thinking, the transformation to reduce the adverse thoughts emotions. Always in control, 'three strict three real' requirements to view their own, often think of self-discipline Yi, victims often think indulgence, tighten the hearts of 'magic.'

(V Everyone must accept the supervision of power without supervision, the weaknesses of human nature will inspire them, people get carried away, go crazy. Party members and cadres should correctly deal with supervision, the real oversight as their love, enhanced accepting supervision consciousness. to the good drink 'bitter medicine' to hear good words into impolite. to prevent the expansion of the mind, should not be carried away by the power. to do a good job 'cautious' function, always adhere Shenshi, Cautiousness, Shenwei to overcome fluke psychological, never underestimate the probability of exposure to corruption, discipline effectively hold the bottom line.

(Vi system cage for a rigorous and rigid. System and Power, is always equal grams, another weak this strong, this weak He is strong. If the system is not strong, non-existent, then the power will be like a barn off cats, freedom of access, nothing to fear, do what many officials sacked in repentance materials mentioned, never the system seriously, basically a 'mouthpiece', they say goes. system not implemented, leaving trampled power, is bound to harm organizational cohesion and combat effectiveness. this individual, the organization is a profound lesson. cage truss system must be terminated no matter the system, improve the flawed system, an effective system introduced urgently needed to build useful and effective exercise of power, authority constraints, power supervision system system. to defend the authority of the system, adhere to equality before the system, on the system without exception, in violation of the system, to circumvent the system, the system destruction resolutely investigate and effectively put the power into the cage in the system.

Deputy secretary of Guangdong Province, the provincial supervision department director, the Provincial Bureau of Corruption Prevention Department of the Secretary author

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Traditional Chinese: 切實把權力關進制度的籠子裏