Zhongshan Qicheng Community implementation of the "neighborhood of the Convention"

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Original title: Zhongshan Qicheng Community implementation of the 'neighborhood of the Convention'

Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Luo Lijuan 'Our neighborhood watch, to meet the initiative say hello, when neighbors are asking, willing to help, found abnormal, timely inform.' This is part of the 'neighborhoods Convention' Zhongshan Wanke city garden plot owners made , the Convention do not 'prohibit' and other constraints to action, instead of 'advocates' and other words to guide self-conscious owners.

Zhongshan to nurture and practice the socialist core values, through the 'national self' and other series of activities, with the 'national consensus' to mobilize all the people to build the city 127 communities in more than 90 implementation of the 'neighborhood of the Convention', covering a population of about 200 million.

Break 'neighbors as strangers' inertia

Since Vanke residential 'neighborhood of the Convention' to implement, He Zhilian residential property owners have a clear feeling: the community square dance sound volume significantly smaller vehicles Luantingluanfang, littering phenomenon less, involved in property management owners brokered clothing donations and other charitable activities more standardized, while the uncivilized behavior of the cell opposite Jinshuiwan cell 'neighborhood of the Convention' after the release, and other high-altitude parabolic reduction, rich neighborhood activities closer to the distance between the owners, neighborhood watch city neighborhood Ties formed through the implementation of the Convention on the neighborhood, the neighborhood watch and other items, 'the neighbor as a stranger,' the inertia in these cells are gradually broken.

He Zhilian told reporters, 'neighborhood Convention' initiative originally launched by enthusiastic owners, and soon was supported property. Some owners Registration form the 'neighborhood of the Convention' to promote the team and the community for comments by App, billboards and other ways to community owners, comments were received receipts of nearly 2000. after finishing the owners of several refining, forming a total of 11 content of the Convention, which was born in Zhongshan first community 'neighborhood of the Convention.'

'Neighborhood of the Convention' is the residential property owners mutually agreed codes of morality, but also the owners of the common desire for civilized community environment and good neighborhood relations and the formation of the 'contract', consciously abide by the entry into force, to better reflect the people's self-management and self-restraint. 'community life in modern cells, the exchange between the neighborhood is relatively small, more alert between people, also more human indifference.' Vanke property relevant responsible person said, 'but the process to develop the neighborhood conventions deepened between owners exchanges, to some extent, closing the distance between us. '

Vanke residential neighborhood according to the terms of the Convention, drawn up in Zhongshan City, Civilization Convention >> << neighborhood reference samples, each community, the Associated Press, residential property release for the 'neighborhood of the Convention' to provide guidance on the promotion of the region.

Promote 'neighborhood +' to promote community governance

With a 'national consensus' promote universal build, Zhongshan version of 'neighborhood of the Convention' to mobilize residents to participate in key social governance in recent years, Zhongshan City, through the 'national self' series of activities to nurture and practice the socialist core values, from the family, residential, community and other social cells start innovative modern civic education and spiritual civilization. on the basis of the implementation of the Convention on the neighborhood, Zhongshan City, to further expand the 'neighborhood +' project, activated cells promote grass-roots social good governance.

In this process, the formation of neighborhood volunteer teams as many cells to develop 'neighborhood +' the selected item. Garden Community launched a pilot project to 'volunteer steward' project as an example, according to the cell neighborhood << >> Convention set up a 'voluntary steward' by 'volunteer steward' assisting communities timely and efficient handling of public affairs, community policing, fire hazards and other residents concerned about the transaction, so community management to fine. since the start of the project, it attracted a total of 205 party members to volunteer to help resolve livelihood 237 to carry out various types of voluntary service nearly 1,300 people, to further promote community harmony good governance.

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Traditional Chinese: 中山七成社區推行“鄰裏公約”