Phone recharge 200 to send 200? fake!

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Original title: mobile phone recharge 200 to send 200 fake?!

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'Charge 100 to send 60' 'charge 200 to send 200', a small table covered with such propaganda slogans, the staff claimed to be mobile, telecommunications or Unicom agents selling prepaid recharge. The event appears very favorable, but you Once filled the bill, it will fall into the trap. this is a once rampant 'street charge calls' scam scene. and there are friends broke the news recently, such fraud appeared again, but also in a crowded subway station.

Calls not recharge your phone number?

According to friends broke the news in Shenzhen Huaqiang North Metro station to see a young man at a table made of simple stalls to promote such 'preferential charge calls' business, the booth also clearly against three operators of Logo, the man claiming to belong to a third-party agency.

This netizen said top man according to 200 yuan, and then receive a text message displaying successful recharge. It stands to reason, there will be 400 yuan mobile phone balance inquiry when, but when he dialed the customer service telephone consultation on the text, he found calls No arrival. while the man is holding a flyer explained that the bill to go to 21:00 to arrival. 21:00, the 'customer service,' said the balance of more than 400 yuan, but not on this number, if you want use this bill need to dial an unfamiliar number, and then enter the number they want to call. and when he opened the phone in this way, a few minutes spent 30 yuan.

Another netizen said he also received a text message recharge, recharge show success, but the message does not come from an official internet operators. And when he was an official customer service consulting to operators, but was told no charge through the bill, and customer service is also clear that no group has worked and what this 'preferential recharge' business.

This class had just been repaired a few years ago of fraud

Operators insiders told reporters that this is actually a fraud old way, it was several years ago had just been repaired, but also when there are signs of recovery recently. It is understood that this kind of fraud is relatively simple, only need to use a computers, a particular Internet telephony software, plus a behind the scenes operator personnel to 1-2 roadside stall. If the user fees paid recharge, this particular software sends text messages or voice calls to users broadcast balance but less than a day, the Internet phone software can be directly cut off, the user's bill will not be used.

Reporters learned that in August 2014, the Guangzhou public security had arrested a number of these scammers, according to the time of notification, the police arrested 26 suspects, seized books, posing as telecom company signs and other tools for committing crimes.

Should balance inquiries through official channels

According to the above described friends, 'customer service' has told him that if you want to use prepaid balance, you need to dial a strange number, then this transfer by the strange numbers in the past. In this regard, some analysts have pointed out, this is used to defraud there probably has already been halted regulators call-back services.

It is understood that this service is to connect multiple phones through a terminal, the use of telecommunication operators interconnection talk time of less than 6 seconds billing accounting rules do not automatically jump when you dial the access number is turned less than 6 seconds to the next billing address, which appears to the charge of 'calls' a certain time.

Guangdong Mobile clear in an interview with reporters, these scam phone calls are not actually filled with accounts of them. He reminded the majority of users, post prepaid recharge, you can call 1008611 or log on 'Guangdong Mobile phone business hall' APP and other official channels inquiries, confirm arrival, so as to avoid being taken.

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Traditional Chinese: 手機充值200送200? 假的!