Children under 5 years of age should pay attention to wet the bed twice a week

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Original title: children under 5 years of age should pay attention to wet the bed twice a week

Follow the 'World Day enuresis'

Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Correspondent Li Xiuting / Yi sensitive careful this year, May 24 is the second 'World Day enuresis.' According to experts, 16% of children under 5 years and 10% of 7-year-old children suffer from nocturnal enuresis, and there are about 2-3% of children will continue into adulthood. bedwetting, although not a serious illness, but a serious impact on children's mental health.

Guangzhou Children's Medical Center of Nephrology, Li Yingjie, director of women's, children's nocturnal enuresis refers to occurred in the clinical behavior of involuntary urination children over the age of 5 can not wake up from sleep at night. In our country, children under five years of age and older per week involuntary urination at night at least twice, and for 3 months or more, it can be diagnosed as children nocturnal enuresis.

'Children more than 2-3 years has been able to control urination, bedwetting if this age is still likely to wet the bed will be 5 years old, we recommend home treatment, such as changes in eating habits, exercise and so on, if 5 years after the still wet the bed, you should seek medical examination and treatment. 'Li Yingjie said.

'A lot of parents think that children wet the bed more common, these problems are often underestimated, and many patients are reluctant to seek medical treatment because of self-esteem problem.' Li Yingjie stressed that bedwetting is a disease, although it may heal in the growth process, but not early treatment , will affect the child's self-esteem and even their growth.

Bedwetting which will bring harm? Li Yingjie said, bed-wetting in children can seriously affect self-esteem and self-confidence, but also cause lack of concentration, irritability, hyperactivity, autistic and other psychological abnormalities. In addition, long-term nocturnal enuresis often give children and families with to a large burden of disease and psychological pressure, children sleep at night, so that children can not participate in group activities overnight and inferiority complex, leading introverted.

Now that the factors causing children nocturnal enuresis may have central nervous system, circadian rhythms, bladder dysfunction and genetic and so. 'There are many reasons for enuresis may be awakening and bladder function associated central sleep disorders exist, there may be is secreted by the body at night antidiuretic hormone deficiency, leading to nocturia. in addition, there may be a 'small bladder', that is to reduce the functional capacity of the bladder. 'Li Yingjie suggested that parents and children should be allowed after the doctor's diagnosis targeted therapy and exercise. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 5歲以上兒童每周兩次尿床需留意