"Dali Cup" Essay Prize for Fiction start

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Original title: 'Dali Cup' Essay Prize for Fiction start

Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Chen intern / Yang Jiaqi Recently, Guangdong Province, the second session of the 'Dali Cup' Fiction Award and the town of Dali 'Cultural Seasons' series of activities launching ceremony was held in Dali city theater. Guangdong Province 'big Lek Cup 'Prize for Fiction in 2013 following the success of the first in Dali, organized this year, collected works from now until July 31 deadline.

As the Guangdong Provincial Writers Association in recent years to promote cultural province construction of a blockbuster move, 'Dali Cup' Prize for Fiction winners and the country has become the focus of Guangdong literary world. The second session of the Guangdong Province, 'Dali Cup' Fiction Award selection, vigorously promote the theme, promoting diversity, encourage focus on real life, reflecting the spirit of the times novels, ensure the correct orientation of the awards event, authority, impartiality, encourage artistic exploration and innovation novels, especially those with praise Lingnan novels and Lingnan style featuring rich artistic appeal.

According to the Provincial Writers Association reports, this fiction novel bonus points (3, novella (5 and short stories (eight three. Published works selected range of January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015 days. Where the Guangdong provincial writers (accompanied by a copy of ID card and work in Guangdong, more than two years into the life of Guangdong writer (recommended units shall prove can participate, participants may submit oF pARTICIPATING intention to work on the recommended units, and second, Guangdong Province, 'Dali Cup' Prize for Fiction does not accept direct personal declaration.

In addition, the town of Dali as the construction of public cultural and sports service system to create a 'culture of peer lion jump Spring' 'Summer Wind Dragons Guang homologous' 'Mexican dance Autumn Art with Naruto' and 'Movies in winter rhyme share happiness' and 'cultural seasons 'series of activities started simultaneously.

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Traditional Chinese: “大瀝杯”小說獎征文啟動