Eugenics two children, my father what to do?

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Original title: eugenics two children, my father what to do?

Second child clinic

Since the 'second child' policy ground, a lot of couples over the age of 40 would like to have another child, the case was found not pregnant, most families will be attributed to women too old, men of their own ' capacity 'is brimming with confidence. Guangzhou first people's hospital, director of Deng Junhong male specialist chief physician reminders, elderly couples want two children, both men and women should do the examination, assessment of fertility, birth to healthy baby escort, especially long-term medication of male sperm quality or damaged, would like eugenics 'two children', ahead of the best consulting a specialist.

Middle-aged sperm quality deteriorates

Mr. Gao and his wife had high fathered a daughter, the process went very smoothly. After the 'two child' policy release, Mr. 42-year-old and 36-year-old high high-wife wanted to chase one child. Helpless several 'made man' after the event high wife belly still nothing happened. Veronica said his wife is 'old age' students can not, because of several 'second child' of the matter and daughter quarrel between desperation, high wife to the hospital, the outcome of the indicators are basically qualified . Mr. Gao suddenly dumbfounded, it really is your problem?

Deng Junhong director explained, 'forty years of women want to have two children, most will do pre-pregnancy check, but on the contrary, do not want more than two children born in the forties, men do check.' In traditional idea, many men consider themselves first birth 'no pressure', 'energetic', two children born naturally 'ripe.' the reality is middle-aged, less exercise, physical decline, combined with alcohol, smoking and other bad habits, began to attack various diseases, sperm quality is affected, easily lead to pregnancy failure.

'Like Mr. Gao such circumstances, want to have two children, wife to check there is no problem, then the man will have to be examined.' Because so many factors causing infertility, on the one hand with age, the proportion of normal sperm and viability will fall, in addition to external environmental stimuli, car exhaust, factory emissions, etc., smoking, drinking, ionizing radiation, the sauna, bath with hot water, etc., will affect the quality of sperm.

Antihypertensive drugs 'hurt fine' when you want to adjust prepare pregnant

Increasing the age, physical function decline, due to various reasons some men suffering from the disease, some patients themselves may affect the quality of sperm, and some treat diseases will 'hurt the spirit', in this case, still want reproducing a baby, how should I do it?

'These special groups of men, before preparing to give birth to two children, the best first find a specialist to look at, under the guidance of a doctor as soon as possible stable disease, affecting sperm to minimize the use of drugs.'

Deng Junhong, director, British scientists analyzed more than 5,000 Scottish men's sperm, sperm quality found that obese men worse than normal-weight men. According to the study found that diabetes and its complications on spermatogenesis damage, mainly fine living cell proliferation to slow or disorder, reducing the number of spermatogenic cells, seminiferous tubule diameter decreases.

While drugs can relieve the pain caused by the disease, but there are some drugs can also damage the testicles, affect sperm quality such as the treatment of hypertension thioridazine, gung ethidium and other drugs can make to reduce the amount of male ejaculation or no ejaculation. Some estrogen, progesterone and testosterone propionate and other drug use, inhibits pituitary gonadotropin secretion and thus inhibit spermatogenesis function. Some topical drugs such as surfactants, will 'hurt the fine.'

'If you rely on long-term antihypertensive drugs, pregnancy must be prepared to do the assessment of the effects on sperm medication, withdrawal or replacement of sperm with little influence of drugs after 3 months 'made man'. And some take anti-psychotic drugs boy, six months after stopping the best, and then consider a stable condition pregnant second child even in men taking other medications, I want to prepare pregnant second child, preferably a specialist expert advice in advance, and evaluate fertility. '

Male fertility assessment to check these

After several unsuccessful made man, self-esteem for many men reason, feel henpecked 'no', it has been reluctant to hospital for specialist examination. Deng Junhong reminder, the best specialist as soon as possible to do the inspection, identify the reasons, but also as far as possible avoid defective fetus born.

Deng Junhong said that doctors in the first interrogation of the men's age, marital history, previous history of disease, surgery to have a basic understanding of specialist medical examination including semen and testis, epididymis, vas deferens. Examination of semen including semen volume, total sperm ejaculate, sperm concentration, total sperm vitality, forward motion, sperm viability, sperm morphology, etc. parameters. for patients with abnormal semen parameters, especially semen leukocytosis, patients with urethral secretions mycoplasma and chlamydia testing should be carried out.

According to the patient examination and semen test case, if patients cryptorchidism, varicocele, tumors, hydrocele, vas deferens obstruction, such as performance, the proposed ultrasonic testing, including scrotal ultrasound and transrectal ultrasound. For no semen or semen less who, according to the urine centrifugation examination after ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation may aid diagnosis or partial retrograde ejaculation.

Health reminder

These foods can improve sperm quality

Deng Junhong reminder want to have two children of men want to have a healthy 'seed' in their daily lives have to manage mouth, tobacco and alcohol, exercise, and avoid long-term mental state of tension, especially in summer, the temperature began to rise , the body heat, try to drink less coffee, tea and other suppression fine food, eat more healthy green food, selectively eat some 'Yi Jing' food, increase libido, enhance sperm motility.

Zinc-rich foods: beans, peanuts, millet, carrots, cabbage and other plant foods high in zinc than, in addition, beef, chicken liver, eggs, lamb chops, pork and other zinc more animal foods the most zinc-rich oysters.

Animal offal: These foods contain large amounts of cholesterol, which is about 10% of adrenal hormones and sex hormones, adequate consumption of such foods, to enhance sexual function have a role.

Slip-stick food: According to the study confirmed that arginine is an essential component of sperm formation, and can enhance sperm motility, maintain the normal function of the male reproductive system has an important role eel, sea cucumber, squid, octopus, pine wood. fish, sesame, peanuts, walnuts and other foods rich in arginine.

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