City in a choir debut the first music festival

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Original title: City in a choir debut the first music festival

Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Correspondent Wei high / Yin Xi Mei May 22 evening, a city in 'The Sound of abundance,' choir's first concert was held in Zhongshan City Cultural Arts Center theater. Under the guidance of teachers, students choir to bring the audience more than 20 programs, including the chorus girls all go << time >>, << >> you raise me up, mixed chorus << >> the Lion King, as well as instrumental << Turkish march >> and so on.

It is understood, Zhongshan City, one to 'do their best' for the idea, in the long-term exploration and practice, and gradually formed a 'quality teaching as the main science and technology education and the arts education both wings to fly,' the school characteristics . September 2004, the school first to join the ranks of Guangdong Province, the full implementation of the reform of the high school art courses, music, art education practice teaching module. chorus module is one of 17 Arts module. each semester, nearly 200 students participated in the chorus learning module .

To further stimulate students' interest in learning the chorus, the school has set up a 'Zhongshan in the woman chorus,' 'Zhongshan a mixed choir,' 'Zhongshan International Department Choir', etc. in July 2011, the choir participated fifth China Children's Choir won a gold medal game, in November 2014, and won a gold medal at the first China city Choir Festival in December last year, after extensive for comments by the student chorus module consisting of Zhongshan in 'Feng Voices' Choir group was formally established.

Up to now, in Zhongshan, a chorus there are two people were admitted to Beijing University, 10 people admitted to the Central Conservatory of Music, four people entered the China Conservatory of Music, three people admitted to the Beijing Dance Academy, Beijing Film Studies, the Central Academy of Drama, 27 Conservatory students were admitted to Music talented students eligible admitted a total of 133 people focused on Beijing Normal University, Huazhong Normal University, South China Normal University and other universities. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 市一中合唱團亮相首屆音樂節