Flexible consultation sea rich sample of community governance

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Original title: Flexible negotiation Governance sample Admiralty community

Deep-sea rich community garden gate 40 Mahjong sets long-term occupation of the sidewalk, the cell door, the residents travel. Long-term residents complained to the police district police station, police once again good, the police walking on the same old community party through research, sparse block combined remediation, for years mahjong profile since disappeared. this is the Bao'an District Hoi Fu street community a case in community governance.

It is understood that, Hoi Fu community area 0.47 square kilometers, has a total population of 31,280 people, of which household population of 7845 people, transient population, floating population 23435 people .12 a commercial and residential district, two industrial parks, two 'villages' community, is a collection of industrial, commercial, residential as an integrated community. 'small but perfectly formed' in the integrated community governance, community Admiralty made a useful exploration, and made a lot of results.

Cell door for years Mahjong files disappeared

'We went to the scene to understand that indeed is the case, one or two foreign workers where mahjong table, but people are basically playing mahjong elderly, entertainment-oriented.' Admiralty community staff, in order to solve mahjong problem files, one by the police districts, rental IMIS staff and the community together to play mahjong all staff personnel information collection, classification, and second, there is no understanding of the deep treasure garden space available to residents as an entertainment venue, tris actively to the streets for installation fitness path across the deep treasure garden for residents leisure venues, four mahjong table provider is doing work. after a multi-pronged, placed in the garden gate Shenbao years mahjong files finally disappeared.

Another example is also quite typical. City Garden residents to urban authorities repeatedly complained that downstairs plywood market presence unlicensed, serious fire hazard, vehicle parking chaos, noise nuisance and other issues, I hope the departments concerned to complete remediation.

It is understood that City Garden is located west of State Road 107, a total of 53 business downstairs wood, plywood stores, due to the on-site processing sawnwood, both the upper and lower discharge generated a lot of noise, affecting the normal life of the residents upstairs, students in the evening there is no way to peace of mind to do their homework. residents of this advice is very large, often complaints.

In a coordination meeting, the community party organization community police, street enforcement team, safety supervision office of the 53 operators go to the community to conduct joint interviews, interviews in the meeting to tell all operators real existing problems through transposition Thinking that all operators of the spot position, and the community to sign an undertaking to 8:00 am, 20:00 noon, and after the break does not produce noise, the main responsibility of the operator to establish the respective proper safety precautions to ensure that no safety in production accident, each of the vehicles parked really affected residents to travel. only by meeting one resident put plagued residents for many years to solve the problem.

Community governance needed to nurture cohabitation interaction of multiple subjects

Community population structure complex, to realize effective community governance, the only way is to cultivate a rule by interaction of multiple subjects.

In Admiralty community, for example, belongs to this community, Bao'an District, built in the early communities, urban infrastructure historical debts, weak foundation of people's livelihood in the past, community governance, the lower the community a variety of subject participation, often community party situation monologue appears.

Governance structure standardization, standardization of job responsibilities 'five standardized' construction, community party pay more attention to diversification of governance structure, focusing on co-ordination between the various stakeholders, law enforcement becomes rigid flexible consultation, to 'community party solo' for the 'mass Choir' and change the past, 'doing the community, the people watching, doing community, carrying masses, contribute to the community, the people do not agree with' phenomenon.

Responsible person to explain, such as Metro Gardens residents continued collective complaints garden downstairs plywood market issues, to take a number of joint law enforcement community in the past, but with little success. Since then, creatively presented Solutions democratic consultation, led by the party to invite the community police , street enforcement team, safety supervision office and 53 market operators, held a forum, a number of issues at the meeting informed the residents of collective complaints, and enlighten them with reason, and emotionally moving, finally persuaded business owner and community the new model signed letter of commitment. 'Six months, all merchants can sign an undertaking adherence to commitments, standardize business practices, the phenomenon of complaints from residents did not happen again, the market is more and more prosperous business. everyone involved and build a condominium , to achieve the diversification of the governance body, improve the mass organizations and residents to participate in community governance initiative. '

Community Administrative Services range unclear long-standing problem of standardization cell is a stable cell community, industry, the Commission for community stability plays a key role. Admiralty community currently has 16 residential quarters, only three Hongfu Royale etc. owners Committee established cell due to the increasing number of migrant and mobile population, community self-enclosed, self-protection awareness is also growing, potentially increasing the membrane between people, but also to create work industry, the Commission difficult.

Reporters learned that the Admiralty community party will select a cell to the construction industry, the Commission as a breakthrough, carding simplify administrative affairs community, the limited power used in the 'cutting edge' on.

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