Cerebral rescue to go "green channel thrombolytic"

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Original title: Cerebral rescue to go 'green channel thrombolytic'

In recent years, with the improvement of living standards and the accelerated pace of work, stroke incidence in China is increasing, the mortality rate in patients with chronic non-communicable diseases have been routed to the first, and it is in Western countries fourth place. and the incidence of stroke in younger as well as trends in our country, 40-65 year-old young adults accounted for 60% of the total number of incidence, while the Western countries is 65 years or older accounted for 60% incidence Why does this happen? how can better prevent stroke? Once a stroke should be how to deal with? happen this end, we interviewed the third Affiliated hospital of Sun Yat-sen, director, doctoral tutor Professor Lu Qi positive.

Cause of morbidity young

According to Professor Lu Qi being introduced in stroke medicine, also known as stroke, can be divided into two kinds of hemorrhagic and ischemic, is commonly known as cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral infarction, in southern China is the ischemic stroke , accounting for about 90%.

Risk factors for stroke occurs there are many, such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, work stress, there are smoking, drinking and other bad habits, do not exercise and so on, if there are three or more young adults the risk factor is stroke risk populations occurred. backbone of our young adults aged 40-65 and is the family unit, stress, work stress, and usually do not pay attention to exercise, not enough attention to their bodies, and thus become a high risk of stroke. so, after a 40-year-old will focus on the risk of suffering from stroke, and because stroke is a very high mortality and morbidity of serious illness, it can be said that 'the age of 40 decided physical condition the length of your life. 'Professor Lu said.

Alert to early signs of stroke

Stroke great harm, so early detection and early treatment is very important, then how can young friends discovered early signs of stroke it? Professor Lu Qi pointed out that the positive annual physical examination is a good way to adhere to early detection through routine physical examination can be found in blood pressure, abnormal blood lipids, blood glucose and other indicators, so that early intervention can prevent the occurrence of stroke.

In addition, young friend if two or more consecutive nights poor sleep, memory loss, vision loss, dizziness, ataxia, feeling a little drift, etc. symptoms, you must be especially careful, because when the vascular endothelial function could damage has occurred , but not the formation of plaque, to see a doctor promptly for early intervention. otherwise, it may develop into a stroke.

Do not miss the rescue of the 'golden time'

Professor Lu Qi pointed out positive, how to identify whether a stroke, there is a 'FAST' law on medicine specifically on these four steps:. 1.F That face (Face: The patient will be asymmetrical face, smile and can not be normal, 2 .A That arm (arm: the patient raised his hands to see if limb numbness, 3.S namely speech (speech: ask the patient to repeat a word, to see whether the expression of difficulties, 4.T ie time (hours: OK the patient's symptoms, immediately contact 120 will be sent to the hospital thrombolytic ability, and inform the main symptoms and onset time.

'Ischemic stroke need to be taken intravenous thrombolytic therapy is very effective treatment, and the sooner the better,' Professor Lu Qi positive reminder: Once suspected stroke patients, its first Woyu security environment, head to a side while temporarily fasting, water deprivation, as soon as possible and notify the 120, the patient will have to 'thrombolytic green channel' hospital for first aid, preferably to a hospital in 120 minutes, and never more than 3.5 hours of rescue win the best 'prime time.'

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In Guangzhou has set up a 'green channel thrombolytic' List of Hospitals

'Thrombolysis green channel' is the hospital's internal multi-department cooperation mechanism initiated by the Chinese Stroke Center Alliance, according to Professor Lu Qi being introduced into the green channel for ischemic stroke patients will adopt the principle of priority treatment and priority admissions, priority check, check the test report issued by priority, priority hospitalization, early thrombolytic therapy, so that patients receive better treatment. the opening of the green channel, in building systems to ensure the timeliness of patient care, and the best treatment normative effect.

Yuexiu District: Zhongshan Hospital, Provincial People's Hospital, Guangzhou First People's Hospital, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Guangzhou Military Region General Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical, Guangzhou Medical School

Tianhe District: Overseas Chinese Hospital, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen, the Air Force Hospital

Baiyun District: South Hospital, the Armed Police Hospital, First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

Haizhu: Second Hospital of Guangzhou Medical, Zhujiang Hospital, Red Cross Hospital, Provincial People's Hospital

Liwan District: Kwong Wah Hospital, Provincial Hospital Fangcun Branch

Panyu District: Panyu Central Hospital

Huadu District: Huadu District People's Hospital

Zengcheng: Zengcheng People's Hospital

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