Drug to force "down", drug delivery O2O go?

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Original title: drug to force 'down', drug delivery O2O go?

Has been criticized as 'pseudo demand' drug delivery O2O field appears first an out. May 18, the main 'one hour drug delivery door' pharmaceutical O2O companies drug to force declaration suspends related operations. It is reported that drug to the force. ' fall 'and the related financing failed.

To force the drug down on the eve of financing

It is reported that drug to the force was established in October 2014, January 2015 on the line APP, the main online consumers in services for mobile end users, by the pharmacy within 1 hour medicines delivery, according to medicine to force the director of marketing for even the best stars in the micro-channel publishing the article shows that prior to suspend business, to force the drug had 'nearly 1 million registered users, nearly 40 million transactions a user.' statistics show that in June 2015, to force the drug to get the same ferry venture, safe venture, thousands of ten thousand yuan a round of venture capital investment policy source of financing, access to finance became one of the year's few pharmaceutical O2O enterprises.

In the micro-channel article, the drug to force marketing director concluded that 'money is not credited into account investors bullying. Our team was in the financing background difficult circumstances, from last December to today, I have been to bet on an already determined traditional pharmaceutical investment, even investment agreements are completed, the volte-face in fact only one night, but the adjustment was too late. 'it has also been interpreted as the drug industry to force down in the' financing eve. '

According arterial network statistics, the pharmaceutical drug delivery fast O2O main market of 14 companies, backed by six listed companies, and the remaining nine came from grassroots companies, four to get a good financing. But no matter what origin , the current serious drug delivery O2O homogeneity, mainly in the fast-aging drug delivery fuss. Insiders believe that the power of the drug to fall, in fact, highlights drug delivery O2O mode embarrassment.

O2O drug delivery prospects?

Unicorn Studios recently released medicine << >> electricity supplier analysis evaluation report shows that Chinese pharmaceutical distribution industry in 2014 sales reached 1.5021 trillion in 2015 total sales of 1.6793 trillion yuan, by 2014 China Pharmaceutical electricity supplier market transactions only 68 million. compared with the United States, Chinese medicine electricity supplier still huge room for development. US pharmaceutical retail market in 2013 with annual sales of $ 74.3 billion, electricity suppliers accounted for 30%, while China's pharmaceutical retail market in 2014 with annual sales of 281.7 billion yuan, electricity suppliers accounted for only 2.41%. but in the current electricity supplier medicine B2B, B2C and three types O2O, O2O drug delivery, using the following network cable entities pharmacies and personal consumer model, was the most criticized.

Unicorn Studios for fast jingle drugs, party drug delivery fast, good pharmacists - to buy medicine, Yuekang send drug to force of nine O2OAPP evaluation shows, O2O medicine At present electricity supplier to cover a wide area mainly from the north. the average delivery speed, the faster drug delivery jingle fastest in north Canton, can be delivered to the city of Hangzhou, Wuhan five basic one hour. medicine to force the score is not bad, although in Guangzhou distribution needs 102 minutes, but the Beijing Shanghai remain within an hour from downloads, the drug to force ranked seventh in nine O2O enterprises.

Unicorn Studios Liu Qian pointed out, the current electricity supplier O2O medicine has encountered multiple problems from the level, policies and regulations, there are no relevant policies and regulations promulgated electricity supplier O2O medicine there are many gray areas in the industry. Reporters from the State Food and Drug Administration Administration official website shows that in addition to Yuekang send such as access to the internet and drug transaction qualification, the jingle fast drug fast side drug delivery, drug to force of O2O drug delivery platform from internet drug information service qualification, does not provide services of network transactions currently net sales of prescription drugs policy has not let go, in fact, a lot of walking a fine line O2O drug delivery platform to sell prescription drugs are quite common.

Secondly, in terms of logistics and distribution, in order to achieve rapid drug delivery, many O2O medicine electricity suppliers are to build their own logistics team, which also pushed up the cost of drug delivery. Plus the average customer price low, the user has not yet accustomed to the logistics payment, resulting in drug delivery only for a limited part of the local area, most are in a state of loss of subsidies, while drug consumption as low-consumption times, O2O use a single scene, lower actual needs, is one of the biggest pain points. in addition, the business model, O2O products do not form a large user base, it is difficult to be realized in the short term.

Insiders pointed out that the current electricity supplier medicine was in its infancy of development, the price war is inevitable subsidy war, but after all, not a permanent solution, how to enhance user stickiness, is a challenge facing all pharmaceutical O2O. Although the drug to force 'down' but other drug delivery O2O not no chance, for example, by working with third-party logistics to reduce costs and increase online inquiry, drug counseling, health management and other functions, to enhance user stickiness, docking commercial insurance for pharmacies to provide remote management system to reduce pharmacies daily management and operational costs. Nanfang daily reporter Yan Huifang

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Traditional Chinese: 藥給力“倒下”,送藥O2O路在何方?