2016 in Dongguan province preschool Awareness Month launch

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Original title: 2016 in Dongguan province preschool Awareness Month launch

Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Li Yongxia May 21, jointly organized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education and Department of Education, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province in 2016 to promote its pre-launching ceremony was held in Dongguan City Youth Activity Center, deputy director of the provincial education department Zhuchao Hua, Municipal Government Deputy Secretary Zhang Chunyang, Secretary for Education Liang Fengming, as well as representatives of kindergarten, primary school principals on behalf of parent representatives from more than 400 people attended the ceremony.

National Preschool Education Awareness Month was established in 2012, this Awareness Month theme is 'young coordination, convergence of science,' encouraging nursery and primary schools bidirectional convergence, complement each other, effectively alleviate parents 'keep up' concerns for the 'young Cohesion 'create a good social atmosphere.

Zhuchao Hua at the launching ceremony suggested that kindergartens should focus Awareness Month theme, strengthen teacher training, guide parents establish the scientific concept of education and proper evaluation of the guide, actively carry out school readiness guidance. Elementary schools to a two-way interface with the kindergarten, with each other, good transition and adaptation to new students after the education the majority of parents to update the concept of parenting, learning scientific parenting knowledge, rational view of young convergence, to help children school readiness, learning gradually develop the ability to adapt.

The same day, deputy director of Dongguan Songshan Lake Experimental Primary School Dean's Office Yaoxiang Bin scene shared a young up work experience, an associate professor of South China Normal University Zheng Fuming bring a 'young coordination, convergence of science' as the theme of the seminar for the future strengthening of the kindergarten collaboration with primary schools to carry out scientific and effective convergence of young scientific reference.

Dongguan City Youth Center held at the same site consultation and thematic exhibitions, the early childhood education experts, kindergarten, lower primary teachers, counseling teachers, doctors and other health advisory team composed, answering questions for parents, attracts thousands children and parents to participate in the activities and the atmosphere warm.

According to organizers, from May 20, across the province of Guangdong will integrate all aspects of professional resources, held a month-long pre-campaign the future, Dongguan towns Street will also focus on this topic, kindergartens and primary schools launched by celebrate children's Day activities, experience sharing, expert lectures, on-site counseling and other ways to carry out various forms of promotional activities to kindergartens, primary schools, parents and the whole society to disseminate correct and teaching philosophy and science of parenting, parental guidance for young children do enroll Primary preparation.

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Traditional Chinese: 2016年省學前教育宣傳月在莞啟動