Yancheng innovative regulatory approach fire station

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Original title: fire station Yancheng innovative regulatory approach

WASHINGTON (Reporter correspondent Shi Hu Wanchun to fly these days, Yancheng City Police Fire Brigade clutching guidance services, management assessment, monitoring the implementation of the three links, to enhance the regulatory capacity and level of the fire station, fire station to promote the effective supervision and achieved remarkable results Up to now, the city has assigned more than 600 hidden units, more than 1300 hidden problems, supervise the rectification of more than 430 units, that is the case, more than 40, more than 930 of corrections.

It is reported that, Yancheng City Public Security Bureau, through the implementation of 'pocket book' Learning plan, made under the 'pocket book' sent to every member of the fire police, the 'face to face' focus on counseling, has undertaken 14 police organizations focus on learning, training police, more than 1,400 people , has 15 times the director in charge of the organization and conduct fire station fire police supervision and law enforcement work summary commenting, effectively raising the professional level police fire. fire area supervisor also the implementation of 'one to one' link to help, slice hooks 117 police station, monthly schedule a half-day joint community police to carry out fire inspection, help eliminate doubts.

Yancheng City Public Security Bureau, according to fire police annual work schedule, local Public Security Bureau police station the fire control work were included in the annual police work and personal annual examination integral areas, increasing the fire assessment system in the proportion of public security work, prompting a passive response by the fire station work to take the initiative as a transition. Combined together by the fire supervision and legal departments, each of the five properties listed unit checklist mall, hotels, restaurants, cafes KTV, schools, hospitals and industrial enterprises, a clear check points, penalty procedures and instruments, etc. templates easy to fire the police to carry out law enforcement standardization, through timely implementation dossier Cha, Cha dossier has more than 630 parts, to find and solve bugs penalties, legal application errors, irregularities and other legal instruments 5 20 categories lesser term problems, improve police fire enforcement level of standardization.

In addition, the Yancheng City Public Security Bureau is also clear, from time to time assigned to supervise the issue regularly carry out visits, the slow progress of the rectification, the effectiveness of obvious, serious accountability related to leadership and responsibility of police to the police station, the police station has a deal with accountability and leadership 2 civilian police, effectively promote the implementation of the work floor.

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Traditional Chinese: 鹽城創新派出所消防監管模式