Jinshan Lake livable heavily seek good policy development

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Original title: lots of money to seek good policy development Jinshanhu livable

Launched Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Zhang Feng Jinshan Jinshan Bridge Lake brings hot real estate development, the current into the late development, the formation of a situation where many real estate, how to further escalate into residential areas should become the area and even the whole city Reflections problems. recently, Huizhou city, housing and urban planning and construction Bureau issued << regarding the development of Huizhou Jinshan Lake Area conceptual urban design and Regulatory detailed planning program with tender notification >> 'notice' (under, plans to spend 193 million yuan to worldwide invitation to participate in class planning design team, Jinshan Lake area to inject new vitality, will become Jinshan Lake area construction of Huizhou city core area, the high-end area, demonstration area.

'Gold Mountain Lake Area currently has gradually matured stage, relying on superior geographic conditions and water coast, area developers should not just world.' City Housing Authority responsible person, for the city to expand the space, as well as industry and extending population movements, Jinshanhu building of great significance to the further improvement of urban functions and urban rich connotation.

<< >> According to the notification presentation, Area Planning tender is divided into regional programs with the Conceptual Urban Design and Regulatory Detailed Planning in two parts, both in geographical scope are planning east Third Ring Road, Lake Road and west South Shore Road, north dike Hui Road, South Road Sports, planning a total area of about 15.5 square kilometers of the area. the person in charge, unlike the ideal city concept conceptual design, detailed planning will take full account of the current has been built and approved the construction of the case, the statistics, the current can be controlled to adjust the regulation of the land area of about 592 hectares.

Reporters learned that in addition, the activity is carried out with a plan to tender, open for registration and design units, a consortium of two or more separate organizations can apply, foreign and domestic design organizations can design units in the form of participation in the Commonwealth. each design units (union only submitted a conceptual design of urban design agencies need to have a wealth of Riverside, urban waterfront design experience and high visibility of the industry.

How the final establishment of the successful bidder notification >> << noted that the municipal building housing the Bureau expert committee on the outcome of the Conceptual Urban Design review and sort the Municipal Town Planning Board to determine the final rankings for the first successful bidder It is worth noting that the planning and design of the total cost will reach about 1.93 million yuan.

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