Revenue Service and entrepreneurship into the Qingyuan campus forum

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Original title: Into Revenue Service and Entrepreneurship Forum Qingyuan campus

Nanfang Daily (Qingyuan News Reporter / Liu Xiaowei to extensively publicize tax laws, regulations and policies, students start services and employment, Economic Development Experimental Zone, Qingyuan City, State Administration of Taxation, City Economic Development Zone Local Taxation Bureau, City-Town Local into the South China Institute of Business taxation Bureau jointly organized the third '· fragrance far overflow and tax counterparts - tax service and Business Forum' activities, the tax Qingyuan knowledge into universities, college students were sent to the camp changed to increase Deal related to their own businesses and tax incentives.

20 pm, in this specifically for the tax service help 'double hit' of the forum, nearly 300 students filled the lecture room. Forum, the vice president Guo record employment and entrepreneurship for college students encouraged to cheer, but also with the field there are success and the brothers who brought their entrepreneurial experience and entrepreneurial skills, and tax policy backbone of the business site for university students were introduced to the camp changed to increase the introduction of the background, the basic definition of the main content, details about the policy, especially for the camp changed to increase by reducing the tax burden after the achievement of policy dividends and related tax incentives currently college students start their own businesses, and the conditions to apply for handling method, the amount of tax relief, etc. were focused analysis, and for college students to answer the difficult problems related to business taxation.

Participated in the forum on behalf of teachers and student representatives have said that the forum geared to the current 'Camp changed by' hot spots, but also tax incentives for college students now concerned to explain to meet the needs of students taxation knowledge. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 稅收服務與創業論壇走進清遠校園