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In recent years, 'a la carte' or 'packages' from the agricultural social service organizations in all aspects of purchased services has become an inevitable choice in many areas of agricultural production. The popularity of this new mode of production and agricultural services popular organizations, not only effectively alleviate the 'who farming,' the pressure, but also makes large-scale modernization of agriculture toward a direction to accelerate.

Of course, the agricultural social service in the promotion, there have been re-organized farmer light, light weight technology sale, light weight short-term issues such as long-term, urgent support policies and guarantee mechanisms and the introduction of Perfection .-- Ed

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Agricultural development process in the country, has been in the vanguard of Reclamation Area, the position of leader. Recently, the reporter from the National Farm in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, held the lead in realizing modernization of agriculture meeting that promote the site in 2015, agriculture, mechanized farming income the level of 87.5%, while the 'five-second' period, the farm system to achieve a total cross-operating and cultivate it on behalf of the 2.7 million acres of seed collection, especially its agricultural social service significantly.

Each modern reclamation in the exchange of experience in agricultural development, 'agricultural social service' has become the high-frequency words, highlighting its role in the agricultural modernization process. Let us into the reclamation area, the agricultural production of the new model 'domestic service' for the country development of modern agriculture to provide ideas for reference.

Built logistic support 'property company'

'Wheat and rice we grow the reunification of the acquisition by a farm supply business unit, and finally unified allocation by the Jiangsu Agribusiness rice industry group, were wheat and rice reprocessing and product sales.' Jiangsu Agribusiness Dongxin farm wheat growers that farm supply trade section like 'property company', they provide quality service to our hard work and eliminates the risk of their own harvest into the market.

Reclamation mentioned, will naturally think of the vast area, with respect to a one of the 'third acre of land,' Reclamation should be 'vast' to describe the scale of operations for the agricultural social service providers to display their skill soil.

Anhui Reclamation accordance with the 'diversification, professional services, operation of the market' of the general requirements to agricultural social service system, focusing on the promotion of agricultural production and the entire social services, promote agricultural production scale, organizational development.

Anhui Reclamation use of state purchase of agricultural subsidies, support social service organizations to purchase agricultural mechanization work machines weaknesses, focusing on the purchase of a variety of high-powered, high-performance machinery. 'Fiscal 2015 were used in the central agricultural subsidies 14.973 million yuan, driven by each class service organizations and business entities invested 47.356 million yuan, the purchase of a total of 776 sets of equipment investment 68.86 million yuan in the eight farms built farm compound 11, to provide the equipment for the social service system. 'State farm Group Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province Deputy General Manager Lijia Tang introduced.

At the same time, organize the preparation << Anhui Agricultural Reclamation mechanization and management practices >> enterprise standard system, covering Anhui Agricultural Reclamation Farm Mechanization prenatal, delivery, and post the whole process. According to this standard system, to develop and improve service organization tractor , sowing machines, machine income, plant protection, machinery fertilizer and other agricultural operations standards and improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural operations.

Hubei Bureau of Reclamation will inject 2 million to build Hubei reclaiming the abundance of modern agricultural Group Co., Ltd. under the two companies have abundance of cooperative association, etc., each of two companies carry out their duties, the State Farm Group to provide prenatal, delivery postnatal services.

The whole industry chain to provide 'nanny' service

'This year not only has some big care of our transfer service station hosted arable land, there are many retail investors have entrusted to us the land hosted collection. And we will make use of agricultural machinery, technological advantages to provide from soil preparation, fertilization, planting, management and harvesting full mechanization services. 'in in Ningxia, agricultural comprehensive range of technical services more widely, more and more households commented breeding, which not only reduces our labor intensity, but also a substantial increase in land productivity benefits.

Anhui Provincial Land Reclamation Longkang farm as agricultural production throughout the social service pilot units, by the end of 2013 established the Anhui Agricultural Reclamation Longkang Services Limited, presents the core layer, a layer close layer and loose 'three-tier' of agricultural social service 'core' as the main body, with the power of farm machinery, farm aid existing service system, provide for the farm to carry out agricultural operations, agricultural business, agricultural guidance and other services in order to 'close layer' support, and joint field surrounding various types of agricultural service cooperatives, cooperative agreements and contracts, unified management, unified standards to carry out foreign services, and agricultural resources, the rational allocation of agricultural supply, special services in order to 'loose layer' supplement, and other neighboring agricultural service organizations and commercial enterprises.

In 2015, the company carried out with agricultural operations based agricultural social service 30 acres, the cumulative supply of fertilizer formula more than 2100 tons, covering 1.7 acres of arable land, 1.5 acres of pesticide supply services, free to carry out nearly 5 acres of agricultural land affairs investigation, agricultural guidance, agricultural training services in 2015, the year the company achieved a total sales income of 10.0877 million yuan, total profit of 2.1161 million yuan.

Hubei reclaiming not only carried out in good prenatal services, but also provide good financial services, this function therefrom under the two companies, 'Hubei reclaiming the abundance of small loan companies' fulfill in order to meet the financing needs of Reclamation , set up six years ago, using its own funds and bank funds amplification effect, the cumulative farm industry provides nearly 20 billion loan to support, fully affirmed farms, businesses, agricultural workers.

Jiangsu Agribusiness Group with the development of the whole industry chain integration model. Its Agricultural Development Company to build a 'leading enterprises + base + headquarters branch' agricultural development system, aiming to maximize efficiency, efficient allocation of resources, leading enterprises in charge of business links, carry out product development, marketing, etc., UOB seed industry, both Ken Su rice industry into the national forefront of the industry, the base branch is responsible for production processes, construction specialization, standardization, intensive large-scale high-quality agricultural production base, 'agricultural workers + agricultural Mechanization 'has become the main mode of production, with 1.34% of the province's arable land produced more than 3% of the province's grain quality rice to achieve full traceability base area of 67 acres.

Establish a 'risk reduction seek long-term' long-term mechanism

In response to more risks faced by agricultural operations in the reclamation area, the service is no longer limited to simple production, processing and marketing sectors, local services penetration is more delicate, more lingering extension.

Lijia Tang said, 'Anhui Reclamation create a 'three hundred twenty-one' service model.' Risk aversion three, one with the agricultural policy insurance and commercial insurance superimposed way to circumvent the natural risks. Second, agricultural and industrial output occupational or professional farmers farming methods to avoid operational liability risks. the third is to use food banks, agricultural futures agricultural markets risk averse approach.

Well three services, one financial services that farmers will be seasonal crop insurance policies pledged to the bank, and guarantees provided by the agricultural service companies, and food repurchase bound to provide loans based on credit by the bank to give farmers the sum insured bank according to provide farm machinery, agricultural services company serving agricultural processes installment loan funds, direct loans for agricultural service company to pay service fees. Second, technology services, is the service object provides free soil testing, agricultural technical guidance throughout service. the third is drying warehousing services, from agricultural distribution company serving the construction of a number of grain storage and drying facilities, dry warehousing services for clients.

'Worry about money, not afraid of days, 'Housekeeping' to the edge of the field, as long as I was careful management, appropriate scale stable money - which is our ultimate goal.' Lijia Tang said.

Through comprehensive service style, highlighting the Anhui Reclamation modern agriculture demonstration leading role in 2015, Anhui Agricultural Reclamation social service organizations carry out plowing, fertilizing, sowing machines, plant protection, harvesting, transplanted rice, straw and other services 802 000 mu times, through standardization and one type of service, to further promote the demonstration and promotion of advanced production technology, and promote the sustainable development of agriculture.

Turning to accelerate Reclamation lead in realizing modernization of agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture Reclamation Bureau Wang Shoucong noted the importance of agricultural social services offered to the market demand-oriented to the whole industry chain service-oriented, and strengthen co-ordination, pluralistic participation, coordination and cooperation , open sharing, consolidate and improve existing services, including foster all-round development of agricultural service companies, food banks, agricultural '4S' body shop and other new services, social service model innovation, accelerate the construction of the development requirements applicable to public service reform Reclamation services and operating services combined, special services and integrated services coordinated new agricultural social service system must focus through a 'new' word, accelerate innovation agricultural social service model. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 不愁錢不怕天,“家政服務”到田邊