Hong Kong media: the South China Sea Travel ultimately patriotism

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Original title: Hong Kong media: the South China Sea Travel ultimately patriotism

Hong Kong's South China Morning Post >> << May 23 article, the original question: the flag, patriotism around the South China Sea and the PLA documentary ....... 'Philippines International Tribunal against us but there is no doubt that Huangyan Island is ours!' Bo said. he is the evening show host small cruise ship 'Star of the North Bay' on. 'yes!' sitting on the deck of the audience answered in unison. Paracel Islands in the South China Sea humid night under the stars with no wind.

When a break, Bo briefly and enthusiastically introduced China's policy toward the South China Sea dispute and the current situation. He condemned the Philippines and Vietnam, 'China illegally occupied the islands.' Bo documentaries << 1974 >> Xisha naval battle on the big screen, and the atmosphere culminated here is a good place to play the film. Cruise front is Duncan Island. 42 years ago, one morning in January, the Vietnamese tried to landing there, the results lead to fighting, eventually landing unsuccessful. from a cruise ship starboard side looked light Yingying coral island that year, China successfully occupied in fighting the next day there, thereby ending the conflict now PLA has stationed Duncan islands and coral islands, as well as other main island of the Xisha islands.

In a demilitarization of the island of the Xisha Islands yagong island, local adaptation plans to build a country of peace and war administration building, as well as permanent residential including desalination equipment, solar panels, diesel generators, telecom base stations and vegetable greenhouses infrastructure under construction.

At the same time, tourism is another form of 'continuous residence' and 'economic life'. January to April is the best season in the South China Sea, the breeze, blue sky, blue sea and white sand unparalleled, called the tropical paradise. But Right now, no one can Paracel provide accommodation and other tourist facilities.

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Traditional Chinese: 港媒:南海旅遊少不了愛國主義