Langshan Orange incense rich song sound

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Original title: Langshan Orange incense rich song sound

Langshan Orange incense rich song sound

Langshan Orange incense, fruit picking busy. Yang Jian photo

'White orange blossom provoke busy bee, crystal orange flesh spit fragrance, Orange ocean, princes of the bank, Lang wins mountain scenery paradise ......' well-known young singer Liu Yuan Yuan a << >> Langshan Orange incense, with colorful and beautiful fragrance of oranges, flying north and south.

A blossoming orange blossom is a string of beautiful notes, mountain forest mountain orange is a Green Hope after another symphony! Orange yo that hill and dale, each season has a different view: March Neroli open, white as snow, fragrant dense, August orange leaf green, verdant, Maple Leaf groaning, November oranges ripe, red berries Thriving orange overflowing.

Sunning is the country's fourth largest export production base in Orange County. Orange has an area of 30 mu, annual output of nearly 250,000 tons, the annual output value over 500 million yuan in recent years, the county's annual funding to integrate more than 50 million were to support, promote Orange industry towards high-yielding, high-quality, ecological and quality and upgrading, ran out of 'acceleration', to achieve 'full house.' local farmers also realize annual income of 500 million yuan by planting orange, can reach more than several hundred thousand dollars.

'Orange fog' diffuse:

Orange High Yield market was in trouble

Sunning navel orange production in 2015 hit a record high of 30 million mu yield 254,500 tons of navel orange forest, more than last year nearly doubled. By convention, after Sunning Orange is the best selling season, store more than two months after Orange taste and smell have reached the best time. As some fellow home for the holiday, do not understand the characteristics of sales Sunning Orange, Orange mistakenly thought unmarketable on the network after another micro letter expressed concerns hometown Orange sales, some of the Orange sellers the opportunity to play the tragic brand promotion, once let navel orange market experience 'traffic jam.'

Early and Late Navel points, precocious best pick is November 25, late harvest period may be postponed until mid-December, but last year the South caught in the rain, the new Ning is no exception. Raindrops Orange tree falls , like a pin prick in general all growers heart: Orange has to picking, but the rain continues to cause difficulty picking to Sunning receipt merchants also number a few Some vendors see this scene, he posted online 'my family has 50,000 tons navel orange slow-moving, please help' and other similar information to sell Orange, not only failed to achieve the expected results, but the impact of the navel orange prices and sales.

Zhongzhi 'Cheng Cheng':

Orange sales build 'green channel'

Low prices, poor sales, farmers worried. To avoid fruit are low farmers yield after urgency Sunning county government anxious people, the rapid play 'combined', adopted a series of regulatory measures to open up a navel orange sales 'green channel', successfully helped companies and growers open the market, out of the predicament.

To promote Sunning Orange brand, navel orange when the park opened, through the organization of Langshan Orange Festival, producing songs << >> Langshan Orange incense, invited the Ministry of Agriculture experts and businessmen around the visitors to experience picking and other publicity, effectively expanding Sunning Orange brand influence.

Duocuobingju crack Orange marketing problems during Orange listed, the county held a special meeting of the Orange sales, trying to open up the market, invited more than 100 big sales and foreign businessmen held talks for Orange sales advice, and actively build a platform for enterprises and businessmen 'matchmaker to pull strings', issued a series of promotional incentives to support policies that require agriculture, fiscal, financial and other functional departments set up a 'green channel' for the sale of Orange, Orange extensive mobilization of cadres and workers to join the marketing team, vigorously carry out online marketing.

'Golden Orange' actions:

15 days sold 60,000 tons sales Ran 'acceleration'

In order to expand market Orange, March 12, Xinning County Committee, deputy governor Yangwen Guo use the weekend to lead the County Farm Bureau cadres and related sales, thousands of miles back and forth, to the southwest of ASEAN fruit market in Nanning, each visit Langshan Orange Business Suppliers, Cuxitanxin with them, helping them to increase confidence, solve problems, and contact the market management departments to strengthen cooperation in production and marketing.

New Year, New Orange County is full of good news selling, pre-holiday 'Newhall' sold out, and take the goods big Orange Festival. In early March, a large number of domestic and foreign businessmen gathered Sunning, a batch of orders snowflakes flying, a steady stream of trucks ...... 20 Orange county all plants at full capacity, working day and night, every day shipments reached 500 million kilograms, 15 days after the Spring Festival holiday, take the Orange county a total of 60,000 tons of goods, the best sales hit record in history.

In late April, Orange County has been basically sold out, than the fastest selling in the history of the maximum yield of more than 20 days ahead of schedule, prices have risen more than two pound, sales navel ran the fastest in the history of 'acceleration' .

Chest of 'Orange' Bamboo:

Orange will be the fruit of the 'cash cow'

Sunning Orange color orange, the fruit surface delicate, sweet flavor concentration, juice sac delicate, resistance to transport, long shelf life storage, loved by consumers. 5A scenic spot of Mountain Lang Chong soon successful, the new Orange County's industrial prospects even brighter, will Ning will become the new industry 'pillar' fruit 'cash cow.'

Sterile varieties, build bases, repair storage warehouse, the new County at full speed. Orange has now completed a maternal garden, seed breeding seedling nursery 3, the development of new superior varieties of more than 20, built to high standards Orange demonstration base of more than 30 navel orange planting area of 30 hectares, the largest in the province's first, built more than 860 Orange storage warehouses with a total storage capacity of over 20 tons.

At the same time, to take 'enterprise + cooperative + base + farmers' business model, prompting farmers 'heating.' At present, the development of the new Orange County per capita annual sales income of million of farmers about 5000, more than 30,000 yuan per capita growers about 1000, the formation of cooperatives Orange 27, navel orange industry to benefit as many as 35 million people.

To ensure good quality Orange county established agricultural inputs 'field records management system', while increasing illegal use of additives crackdown this year will be put into a high standard to build gardens, promotion and application of measurement by agricultural development project funds tied soil testing and fertilization techniques and specialized integrated pest management techniques and 'pig - biogas - fruit' ecological management mode to further improve the yield and quality of the navel orange.

'Songs from the forest, the Qin Mei behaved, plucked Orange cover houses, cozy joyful inside watching him ......' May 21 morning, the sun shines on the submerged village of Huanglong County new town hills, mountains and plains of orange forest school of life the village farmers while weeding Shaw really clear in their own orchard fertilization, while happily humming folk songs, happy songs echoed in the village ......

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