Newspaper Liqun sun student action lift warm love

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Original title: newspaper Liqun sun student action lift warm love

South Lizhu elderly will be 1000 yuan donation to the newspaper Student Action Team staff von camera can

After 2016, the newspaper Liqun sun student action starts, many societies have caring people to action to support poor students. Some of them have recommended around qualified student enrollment, and some generous donations to schools, which also lack many years to participate in activities 'old friend.' Yangzi Evening News reporter Feng can

Old teacher contributions to student touching

Suzhou Zheng grandmother 89 years old this year, 2004, she participated in the student newspaper operations, increased contributions to 5000 yuan a subsidized places. Since then, every year in May she will be remitted contributions, has accumulated more than 200,000 yuan donation. this year saw initiation message newspaper Liqun sun student action after Zheng grandmother turn 20,000 yuan remitted to the Yangtze Evening news. Zheng grandmother's brother heard the sister charity last year was deeply moved, student contributions 15,000 yuan, this year Mr. Zheng Lao student and contributions 20,000 yuan, the donation has been credited and sister at the same time.

South Lizhu 89 years old this year in Nanjing, Gulou District, teacher training school retired teacher, have subscribed to the Yangtze Evening News 15 years in the past to see the Yangzi Evening News reported on disadvantaged groups, the elderly often donations. The see Liqun sun after the information of the student action, she hoped that 1000 yuan donation to help needy students. after that elderly people with mobility due to illness, the reporter offered to take home with the help of donations.

Activities have not started, it sent the application materials

'This year student start?' Initiative was launched two months before the student newspaper, the Deputy Director Liu Hongze Charity Foundation on several occasions called to ask. Last year, the Charity Foundation on Hongze student 10,000 yuan donation also recommended a number of poor students to the newspaper.

After the committee Gaoyou Development Zone, Dafeng committee and so is the newspaper for many years to participate in student action. Sheyang committee last year that the newspaper information ABBA sunshine student action, went to local schools thoroughly, organization student enrollment. Unfortunately, due to the unfamiliar activity node, student information packets over student newspaper operations have ended. to compensate Unfortunately, this activity has not yet begun, Sheyang committee has been carried out in schools advocacy and mobilization. student action before the start, there are high school students Sheyang material sent to this newspaper.

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Liqun sun student action is a famous Chinese brand of charity, Yangzi Evening News Liqun sun student action undertaken since 2003 in Jiangsu Province. Liqun sun enrolled students of poor students will each receive 5000 yuan grants.

Application requirements: Jiangsu college entrance examination this year for students, were undergraduate admission, free tuition-free professional, academic achievers, family poverty.

Provide information on: 1, my application (basic personal details, family poverty, adversity arduous experience of studying), 2, copy of ID card, 3, 1 proof of poverty (residing towns, civil affairs departments above the street or issued by the Commission), 4, college admission notice 1 copy (sent it to us immediately after receipt, and wrote on the college entrance examination scores), 5, a photograph, 6, can be contacted in the telephone mailing address: Nanjing Jianye District Jiangdong Road 369, Building 1, Xinhua media Square Yangzi Evening News ABBA sunshine student registration office and donations Tel: 025-58681345025-58681350 (working hours Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 本報利群陽光助學行動掀愛心暖流