Police searching the mountain rescue trapped seventy nine hours old

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Original title: Police search the mountain rescue trapped seventy nine hours old

Border police late at night to save down.

Yangzi Evening News (Reporter correspondent Liu Yang Feng Yang Zhang Lingfei 22 evening, Lianyungang tombolo border police station after nine hours, successfully rescued a climber trapped 'ALICE.' Later learned, the 'ALICE' is over seventy.

Yesterday, 15:15, tombolo border police station received 110 orders, said there is an old man climbing at Suma Bay National Scenic Area to play when, alone on board undeveloped mountains, lost trapped in the mountains. Police immediately launched rescue operations It plans to form rescue teams, and are ready to rope, food and water to the scene because of the surrounding terrain unfamiliar, with no reference barren, leading to the elderly can not say exactly position, bring it to the police search and rescue work great difficulty.

As the search area is too large, while police turned the police car alarm, telephone contact while trapped Can you hear sirens, but got Resorts Management Office staff and local villagers to understand the topography of the hill. After three hours of continuous Looking finally trapped roughly determine the position. in order to save the old man down the mountain, search and rescue teams together with local people, more than 20 people composed of three mountain rescue teams began a blanket search, after more than two hours of climbing and looking for a search and rescue group finally heard in the vicinity of a cliff trapped help elderly trembling voice, this time is around 19:00.

You can hear the sound from the transponder, the elderly has obviously tired. However, the location of the old man very steep mountain, rescue workers can not close, only use rope tied one step closer. Police Kouzhuo cliff using a rope tied, trapped the elderly slowly transported to a safe location, when it is safe to send down 23 points from the alarm it is over nine hours.

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Traditional Chinese: 民警搜山9小時 救出被困七旬老人