"Reduced fat" has become a required course for the Nanjing Agricultural University Sports Results how to count? See how many you lose "fleshy"

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Original title: 'reduced fat' has become a required course NAU sports scores to see how you lose count how many 'fleshy'?

'Reduced fat class' has been Nannong Students have small reputation, 'location lesson' are especially popular.

Following the tree-climbing lessons, lessons in love, and now Nanjing University campus has emerged a magical courses - Nanjing Agricultural University 'reduced fat class movement.'

Nanjing Agricultural University student, you can choose the required course of 15 sports projects 3, reduced-fat lesson is one of them. But this lesson is not able to think on the so-called high-value color, good shape all regardless, you must first reported on height and weight, 'little fat' have a chance of being selected teachers. the most interesting is that this course is the final score, you lose depends on how much 'fleshy' Save much can complement physical education credits. this does not, there have been efforts to students, more than six months successfully lose weight 20 kilos.

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Decryption reduced fat Lesson

There are lessons threshold?

Then weigh the amount of height 'chubby' in order to be elected

South Agricultural University, students can choose a required course in sports 15 projects in three, 'reduced fat class' is one of them. 'This semester, nearly 50 people sign up, after screening, the final 36 were elective success.' Sports school teacher Zhouquan Fu said, coming to his class fat loss, you must weigh the amount of height, BMI (body mass index> = 24 students, only the reduced fat class qualifications. It is understood, BMI index over 24, almost belong too heavy.

Research Zhouquan Fu teacher is human movement science, he found that not only 'Overweight' more and more in the classroom, but also in the physical education curriculum evaluation, non-compliance of the students more and more, 'I want to re-establish a sets of evaluation system, so that these students have classes enthusiasm. '

As early as four years ago, applied for a special Zhouquan Fu topic of obesity, Nanjing Agricultural University second grade college students conduct research and analysis, found that overweight and obesity, the number of students reached 1061 people, including the number of severe obesity reaches more than 200 people, accounting for 12.95 %. subsequently, he selected 18 overweight and obese university student volunteers, targeted experimental program designed to reduce fat load movement intervention, sports fat loss prescription prove significant effect. then last October, 'reduced fat class' smooth ' opened 'the.

Students how to lose weight?

Sport plus 'class location' dispel data 'eat read'

Prior to the start, Zhouquan Fu specifically to collect detailed each student's waist circumference, cholesterol, height, weight and other data. He BMI index as measured in accordance with the requirements of reduced fat movement, the student weekly 3-4 times PE, 6 weeks to complete. in each 90-minute course, jogging and brisk walking and other aerobic exercise, and to assist with sit-ups, crank support, tablet support and so on.

Zhouquan Fu specially developed 'location lesson', he used his spare time to NAU under mafang nearby parks, greenways Purple Capitol, detailed design students good aerobic exercise time and route. 'What we are most excited about, is the weekly 'location lesson' up. 'Nannong Students Fanxian Fei told reporters, Sun Yat-sen by climbing stairs, greenway jog, walk in the park, etc., to reduce fat in the process can also be very' poetic. '

Zhouquan Fu also specially designed a sophisticated log >> << movement fat loss program, the reporter saw, log in detail the types of food calorie reference data, and there are daily 'eating record.' 'Motion eat too more, it will become fat accumulation, in addition to the aerobics class, he is sure to pipe shut. 'Zhouquan Fu said that although the students after sweating, sometimes want to pass food' reward 'yourself, but in terms of the food calories, it will immediately give up the idea.

So effective?

There was a girl nine months lost 20 kilos

It is understood that NAU 'reduced fat class' very special assessment criteria, 60% of the score and the effect of reduced fat hook. Zhouquan Fu explained that, according to scientific estimates, the beginning of his set of criteria, minus 3.5% of the original weight , you can get out. 'end of the semester, the comprehensive score 90 points or more in the majority, only the individual students individually reduced fat did not get out.' Chou said, it seems that he was 'undervalued' the students' determination to lose weight, to prepare the fat loss effect on a standard scoring adjusted to 5%.

NAU Department of Life Science sophomore Mr Chan told reporters she had heard the fat loss classes can make up credits, was finally apply. 'Heavy weight, sports scores less than ideal, some items can not pass.' With ' reduced fat class 'credits do not worry you, from September last year to May this year, nine month period Mr Chan lost 20 kilos.' students say that my mental state is much better! 'Mr Chan said that her height 1 meter 76, the target is reduced to 160 pounds.

Courses in the second semester, the class has been reduced fat movement among students in Southern farmers have small reputation, the number of applicants more than 50 people, the official participants from the first session of 26 to 36 students, the students will be standard weight 'Please out ', but some people often come to attend.

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Traditional Chinese: “減脂”成了南農大體育必修課 成績怎麽算?看你減掉多少“肉肉”