Jackie Chan's new film shot almost died in the studio "Skiptrace" reproduce the classic action-comedy

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Original title: Jackie Chan film shot almost died in the studio << >> Skiptrace reproduce the action comedy classic

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing, Johnny Knoxville (United States, starring Eric Tsang, the famous Hollywood director Rene Harlin directed comedy movie will << Skiptrace this summer July 22 officially released action >>, recently held a 'fist laugh Returns' theme conference in Beijing that day, Jackie attended and released documentary film posters, film will be shown nationwide on July 22 that day, Jackie Chan's appearances attracted numerous fans burst of cheers. not only Jackie Chan in the field echo 'face pack' poster restore 'fight, hide, pain, Moe' classic action, more rebellion, said, 'I tried again, this time almost died in the studio.'

<< >> Skiptrace film tells the story of a retired police and promised to bear as a gambler, but just witnessing the crime scene suspect, fugitive in a foreign country to start a period of starting a journey. It was released documentary , the cliff jumping, sliding cable, in case of rapids, heavy blasting scene full debut, dragon style action comedy charm filling exhaustive director also shouted:.. 'genius Jackie'

Conference, Big Brother site confided: 'This script in my mind for 25 years, and always dreamed of making a story of exile, wanted to beat in China, the Chinese landscape and cultural show to the world. There are several versions back and forth. , but for various reasons were put down, and now finally talk to the audience, really not easy. 'the same day, Jackie Chan, Wu Gang and stunt disciples live studio reproduction scenario. under the guidance of her brother's move sets the scene, chic backflip, handsome leg sweep Church, wonderful overarm throw, members full understanding blows, fully demonstrated the unique comedy style dragon action rhythm and humor, the scene attracted applause brother said confidently:. 'married classes around the world, we are all really throw a real fight. now we all shoot science fiction, but in fact the most difficult or real action, I do not like science and technology, is like something very soil stupid. '

Ever heard 'Duang', so many small partners are a magical expression package, the same day her brother live again exposed the new tactics. Documentary, brother confrontation with opponents, beaten in his hands several times, with Jackie Chan style 'dumbfounding expression' and shake hands, let the audience laugh along with the audience, he led the day her brother reproduction 'Doushou pain' plot, while the live platform also imitate her brother live like a child with a smile:.. 'of course the pain was hit, hand are swollen, even trembling, nothing is installed. 'fans address him,' this is the real 'to' will play! 'Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Yi

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Traditional Chinese: 成龍拍新片差點死在片場 《絕地逃亡》重現動作喜劇經典