Emperor Wu's brother and Emperor Wu Hsiao fornication daughter, had her assassinated father

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Original title: Emperor Wu's brother and Emperor Wu Hsiao fornication daughter, had her assassinated father

Yongxing Princess assassinate his father did not succeed.

Xiao yan six younger brother Xiao Wang, a 'ten poison evil' man, low energy, shameless lust, greed, malicious, everyone can seem to the disadvantage of the heap to the idiot who. Emperor Wu was almost assassinated him, but for he is full of 'love', lifetime probation want this monster.

Xiao Wang wanted to assassinate his brother Xiao Yan

Xiao Wang Luo mouth hit in the big defeat, according to a conventional, not sentenced to the death penalty is no period. Emperor Wu can look at this poor brother, Xiao Wang after returning like tourism, study abroad once, shook dust, nothing has , do the same national cadres hussars, Stuart and the like.

Censor angry, a few days a letter to expose him, threatened to chase the responsibility in the end. Frightening is that people often Jiankang petitions trouble, 'the public security department,' the survey down, behind the host is Xiao Wang. Emperor Wu each under the amnesty on the grounds that: people may hate him too, deliberately framed him, or spared it.

Xiao Hong jumpy all day, this day could not have, what are you collaborated in my ah. How to do it? If they do much good emperor, you can destroy their beak.

In for a penny, in for a pound, as the brother assassinated.

One evening, Emperor Wu Temple to light the house, the bridge would have to go through hussars Hsiao palace near the departure time, Emperor Wu changed their route.

To the destination, the guards quietly report: they find an assassin in the hussars under the bridge, he confessed Hsiao is instigated.

Emperor Wu extremely angry, shouting over the Xiao Hong, and cried: I can be your one hundred times, when the emperor also every day in fear, afraid of the slightest slip, and you are troubled country what kind of person.? I could kill as brother like Duke, the Han Emperor ah, just pity you stupid.

Hsiao nodded repeatedly lying on the ground, and cried: This is not my doing, I did not do.

Xiao Wang is shameless big corrupt

Hsiao excessive luxury life, his palace and the palace almost, your family has more than 1,000 concubines, cream of the crop are elected. One of the most beloved river called fearless, just a pair of shoes on the value of tens of millions of money. she likes to eat mackerel head, want to buy 300 per day palace mackerel.

Jiang fearless originally surnamed Wu, had a brother Jiaowu law life, is a rogue street, one after the robbery and murder, your family fled to Xiao Hong Xiao Wang refused government refused to turn him over.

Censor impeachment again, he requires replacing Stuart, hussars, Yangzhou provincial governor's office instructed Emperor Wu: love Xiao Wang, is the friendship between brothers, replacing Wang Xiao, under the laws of the country, I can not make people love more than law. agreed to remove.

Censor rejoicing: the emperor finally Zhifarushan relatives, Untouchables one back.

After only three days, Xiao Wang to return, Ren Zhongjun generals, supervisor in the book, seven days later, once again promoted to agent Stuart. A few months later reinstated.

It was also denounced: Xiao Wang's Hall after among hundreds of houses, usually sent heavily guarded, rarely opening which certainly people can not see things that may be armor weapons.

Emperor Wu one: This has to be, it is to rebel ah.

He sent to Jiang fearless send table wine, with the words: I'll go over a few drinks and a good brother.

Then he came with a few cronies Hsiao your home, and his family drink to drink Hing head, Emperor Wu said: I went to go look at your backyard.

Hsiao face became pale. Emperor Wu heart sank, really a problem ah.

After the open warehouse, Emperor Wu to see which one million a pile of money, a house is 10 heap, put money in the coffers of more than 30 rooms. Rough count, Xiao Wang family has over three hundred million in cash, the other sixty or seventy warehouse storage room with raw silk, silk, black, honey, yellow wax, such as cinnabar groceries, each bristle, do not know how many.

Hsiao surface, such as ashes, but Emperor Wu laughed and said: youngest, you really will live ah.

Xiao Wang overjoyed, really scared baby. Was relieved, two people went back to drinking, feeling more profound.

Xiao Wang Jiankang in dozens of stores, specialized loan sharking, if members of the public to borrow money on land, residential land as collateral, maturity is not on the field, the house will be taken away Xiao Wang, a large number of people lost their homes. Emperor Wu after know, even ordered to stop this 'mafia boss' gangsterism, only poor people off the streets.

The second son of Emperor Wu Xiao Fully could not stand, wrote >> << money on stupid, greedy uncle Emperor Wu satire innuendo after seeing his face gloomy, mechanized Xiao said: What can not write the article, why should write this content? destroyed quickly.

But freedom of expression is a closure could not, we are rushing to copy the look. Hsiao thereafter only slightly converge.

Xiao Wang and his own niece betrayal

Emperor Wu, a total of four daughters, the eldest daughter is a princess Yongxing Xiao Yu Yao.

After Yongxing princess grew up, she married a friend of the Emperor Wu Rui Yin Yin Jun's son. He is very talented, but short and ugly, the princess did not like this, 'Wu Dalang.'

Normal day, the princess simply not allowed to touch her husband, and only occasionally summoned only once, but Xiao Yu Yao advance on the wall filled with names of Yin Rui, Yin Jun came, saw his late father's name, crying away. Xiao Yu Yao look his 'virtue', spread out did not sound worried, let the maid chase, tied with silk dragged him back.

Later, Yin Jun cried and told the old Yue Zhang, Emperor Wu was furious with wishful hit Xiao Yu Yao's back, until wishful are broken. Since then, a complete breakdown of marital relations.

Xiao Wang handsome, is a handsome man. Occasionally, once home to the niece, Xiao Yu Yao Zhenggu alone and lonely, in retaliation for her husband and father, her uncle Wink Bcc. Xiao Wang is an experienced man, flirting, good on two people.

After a number of joy, Hsiao said: As long as you kill my brother, I can do the emperor, when you closed for the Queen.

Yongxing Princess for her lover's heart, fight, decided to assassinate his father.

Daughter love to assassinate Emperor Wu

Soon, Emperor Wu issued a notice saying you want to fast for three days, invited princesses went into the studio room. Yongxing princess's heart thump thump to jump, chance.

That day, at the door of the studio room, the captain in charge of guarding the princess Yongxing see the back followed by two people, a servant girl dress, of a very strong makeup, but not like the way the girl to walk, but also has his head down, Man afraid.

Two people cross the threshold, a person's shoes suddenly lost captain look 'they' panic, increasingly suspect, secretly told the prince Xiao Tong's mother Ding your example. Emperor Wu Ding did not dare disturb your example, so that they secretly preparedness.

So, the captain sent eight brothers advance ambush behind the screen of the room fast.

After fasting, Emperor Wu Yongxing Princess said: I want to have something separate to announce his Fu Huang, do not want others to hear.

Emperor Wu looked at the baby daughter, waved the guards were removed.

Princess with a low voice spoke, Emperor Wu's head came over, the two 'maidservants' quietly around behind him, the knife was about to cut to. Eight people that jump out from behind the screen, the two people caught.

Emperor Wu scared fell to the ground from the seat, immediately wake up how, the princess and the two 'killer' all won the night trial.

The two men had a princess boy, guards found a knife from them. Not wash your dirty linen in public, Emperor Wu ordered the assassins were killed immediately, followed by the car painted black princess sent Palace.

Yongxing Princess ashamed, and soon at home himself.

After hearing the news, Xiao Wang, living in fear every day, from getting ill. Emperor Wu also know that he and his daughter absurd things, but there is no blame, seven times in your family to visit him, and charged him little peace of mind, recuperate.

Xiao Wang more crashes do not understand her brother was telling the truth or a lie, not long before died. Emperor Wu crying in pitch darkness, he was posthumously attract, generals, Yangzhou, animal husbandry, held a grand funeral.

Emperor Wu of getting old, always designated successor, his sons how to do?

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Traditional Chinese: 梁武帝的弟弟蕭宏和梁武帝女兒私通,還讓她刺殺父親