Anxious person! Not brand new car a few months on

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Original title: anxious people! Not brand new car a few months on

Yangzi Evening News (correspondent Lou Yinsheng in the Court Yangzi Evening News reporter Luo Shuangjiang Wang purchased a Peugeot car, has been unable to be on the card a few months later, the original, the car dealer certificate mortgaged to the China Merchants Bank Nanjing Intermediate People's Court recently for the case made upheld the second instance judgment, decree Merchants Bank will be directly returned to the car certificate Wang.

The end of April 2015, in Jiangsu Chun Wang purchased through the company at a Dongfeng Peugeot cars, pay for the car in full in early June and go through license fee, but the contract on the card time has elapsed, the license still apply. After the police station , the business sector and the district government has repeatedly mediation, Jiangsu Chun-company recognition certificate has been mortgaged to the car Wuhan branch of China Merchants Bank (hereinafter referred to as China Merchants Bank. In this regard, Mr. Wang was very angry, because the company did not put the car through the sun he told Mr. Wang Chun then through the company, China Merchants Bank, Wuhan Shenlong automobile company (hereinafter referred to as DPCA to court, requesting an order the immediate payment of the three vehicle certification, and to assist its own account on the licensing procedures.

Court of First Instance identified Chun Thai company Wuxi (Jiangsu Chun Tong suppliers, DPCA signed a tripartite agreement with China Merchants Bank, agreed to finance the company Wuxi Chun-tai China Merchants Bank, DPCA is responsible for the certificate transferred to the China Merchants Bank, said the current vehicle the certification by the China Merchants Bank, the actual regulatory control, this is Mr. Wang can not get the vehicle certificate of the root causes, as China Merchants Bank thinks he holds a certificate is legitimate. after the trial court of first instance verdict Merchants Bank the car certificate Wang returned to direct. As for the debtor-creditor relationship between China Merchants Bank and Wuxi Chun Thai company financing generated can be dealt with separately. Wang Chun-company deadline assist handle license plate.

After the verdicts, China Merchants Bank appealed against, the Nanjing Intermediate People's Court held that the first instance verdict, the facts are clear, applicable law, although wrong, but the verdict is not inappropriate, it is to be maintained for the first instance verdict.

Nanjing Intermediate People's Court the judge Fanrong Xi said that the relationship between the main object and the material from between the cars as vehicle certification documents and materials, and automobiles, the main object of the transfer, with the main object from the object transfer is based on Wang's petition their property rights, while China Merchants Bank certificate of possession from the tripartite agreement, the guarantee shall belong to the category essence, but its security right without publicity program, can not produce legal effects of a security interest. Mr. Wang when buying a car does not know no way of knowing Merchants Bank to oversee the way possession certificate, Wang Chun-company at the time of buying a car nor disclose that fact, Mr. Wang has done a reasonable duty of care to the average consumer should fulfill. Therefore, Wang sued for restitution, fully legitimate reasons, the Court should be supported. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 急人!買輛新車幾個月上不了牌