12-year-old boy left home three days and four nights removed from the Internet: Do not want to father beat him

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'Unbearable father beaten 12-year-old boy ran away from home' track

Newspaper reported on 23, who lives in Chengdu Wuhou Qingshuihe Park near a 12-year-old boy, due to long-term abuse of her father, away from home. Around at 11:00 on the 23rd, the police station received a phone into a Korean father said the children found a.

At 13:30 on the 23rd, the Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter saw at home, leaving a small peak (a pseudonym Children dressed in dusty black long-sleeved clothes, holes are clearly visible on the shoulders, dark skin, but loud. He told West Metropolis Daily reporter recalled the last 3 days and 4 nights.

'He do not want me, I have learned about him.' This is the peak of the exodus of small objects, in accordance with the original plan to run away from home, he intends to just anywhere alone, and other search notices affixed to see my father, they flew back home. in the past three days, penniless small peak hiding in the cafe will not come out, thanks to Internet cafes to eat and drink, 'and my brother and sister to rest' until a 'sister' of the Internet police, Han Sung this child received from the police station.

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Internet cafes to spend 3 days and 4 nights

At 21:00 on the 19th before, a small peak home from playing outside and saw the door stood a bag, and one he did not open the lock, 'He do not want me?' Small peak back bags, pick up homework the small square stool Wangwaimian run. 'he do not want me, I have learned about him.' this is the way he half remembered the small peak of the program, find a place away from home for a few days, he and his bag Tibetan small square stool close to home, on the street and walked straight in. about an hour, a small peak into an Internet cafe, a few kilometers away from home at this time.

Into a cafe, a small peak like a runaway horse, excited to see the people inside, playing a variety of games are already near zero at night, he did not sleep, cafe staff did not take him away he also sometimes borrow someone else's child while playing on the computer.

No money, eating and how to solve? Komine said, either by others or to pick up the rest of the people. In the meantime, a 'sister' in honor of his one dumpling after the two had struck up a conversation. In this way, in the cafe , he had three days and four nights. fear my father saw, he did not dare go to Internet cafes near the window. once he saw a dazzling and wearing clothes similar to his father's people, 'I turned and ran scared.' Komine the plan is to wait until the father posted notices, the gas has disappeared, he went home.

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This time, not being hit

At 7:00 on the 23rd, wake up earlier than usual small peak. This is his fourth day of leave, during which he can not stand just because Mende in the cafe, go out once.

'The boss says you should rush out today.' Small peak confused, I heard myself say cafe staff .9 points too, had requested a small peak dumplings 'sister' woke him and handed the bag of biscuits, 'I take you out. 'she left the cafe with a small peak, stand on street sales staff called the police.

Han Cheng said that when he walked into the police station, a small peak rushed to put his waist and hugged. 'I heard the policeman say, dad to come pick me up, I was particularly homesick, like my father.' Komine said 13:00, with a small peak into Korea back home, and this time he did not play his son.

In the chat and reporters, both father and son also opened their hearts. Xiaofeng, said he does not love learning, but first grade, he had mathematics test 100 points, but it was the students questioned, 'they said I copied. 'regardless of how he then explained that the students did not stop laugh.' I will not explain. I and the poor performance of the play. 'rankings after a small peak, and slowly slide the end.

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'If you remarry, I can not serve my child good.'

Reporter: how to think away from home?

Komine: That night I went home to see my father threw my bag, the door locked, he wanted my father probably do not want me, well, I want to go (away from home but also give him a lesson, wanted. let him not to call me.

Reporter: Have you ever thought about running away from home right?

Komine: Dad hit me from kindergarten palm heart, grade twenty-three on spanking, but then I thought it was away from home too naive, what Okay, no food and no money, but now think so. a.

Reporter: Do you have the impression that the mother do?

Komine: I do not have the impression that I do not know I did not think...

Han Sung: If you remarry, if there are other children, the elderly, so I can not wholeheartedly take care of my children you may feel I am selfish, I thought of my children my good low income, personal problems, I actually. no ability to think. He Yilin photography WCC reporter Zhang Lei

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