Thieves steal the bus was found to flee not actually want to "Compounding"

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Tianjin Times Online News: Recently, 867 Road bus staged a farce: the thief not to steal, was arrested on the spot, in an attempt to resolve privately, escape the law bus driver closed thief trapped passengers together with their deal, want to control the escape of two. the thief until the police arrived at the scene, the suspect Qiu, Liu captured.

At 11:25 on May 16, a 867 bus from the station shortly Hubei Road station, followed by an elderly passenger car came shouts: 'Do not go the thief tried to steal my money and also my! cut his pants! driver to stop! he caught the police station! 'after the car bus drivers high teacher heard cries, rushed to the car parked on the roadside. It turned out that Chen passengers when traveling, and feel stabbed someone behind him, and looked back and found his pants pocket was cut up, the robber saw Chen back, and quickly put away the hands of a knife, pretending nothing and ready to get off.

High teacher to understand the situation, the two front doors locked at the same time, and contact with the team, reporting reason suspended, enthusiastic passenger compartment immediately with a cell phone to call 110. At passengers have condemned the behavior of the thief, the thief Mr. Xiang Chen asked:. 'I'll give you $ 200, you buy a new pants, let me get off it,' said Mr. Chen, the thief must be punished by the law to follow the behavior of a passenger appeal:. 'we all take care of your property! Do not let the thief ran away! together we wait for the police. 'we face the accusations, his mouth has been muttering thief' Why not on a pair of pants, I did not steal the money, let me go. '

Surveillance video saw from the car, waiting for the police of the time, the thief's accomplices another car suddenly channeling out the back seat, his face threats Chen and other passengers, one side vigorously pull the car back door, trying to escape. high teacher quickly let passengers the windows closed, do not give the thief fled the machine, and loudly told passengers: 'rest assured, carrying surveillance camera are recorded, and there is evidence they deny can not!' a moment later, the police arrived at the scene the two suspects Qiu, Liu captured. currently, the two suspects have been under criminal detention.


Four positions to anti-theft

1. Door passengers get on and off line, pay attention to those people who deliberately close to you.

2. aisle. The best for the most crowded direction, will cover your bag on his chest and hand.

3. aisle seat. Do not fall asleep, do not put the shirt pocket belongings.

4. A window seat, rear penultimate row of the most dangerous.

To understand a code word four

1. coin repeatedly shouted: thief took aim on your car if the driver repeatedly calling you coin or credit card, it is best to view their personal belongings stolen or whether watching around suspicious persons.

2. suddenly brakes: thief in crime if the good road, the driver suddenly stepped Jicha, which is likely to remind pickpocket on board.

3. calling you go inside: Thief closest you're likely to have on your side pickpocket, drivers remind you.

4. The seat to remind you: the thief beside the driver seat to remind you again, and the mood is not good, mostly to remind you. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 小偷公交車上行竊被發現 逃跑不成竟想“私了”