Nearly a hundred Chinese students facing expulsion was traced to alleged academic fraud

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CCTV reporter interviewed on the matter China University of Iowa students. Video screenshot

'University of Iowa study in the United States nearly a hundred Chinese (microblogging) students faced expulsion for alleged academic fraud,' the news has spread from overseas domestic social networking platform, caused concern. Reporters found that multi-understand, this incident involved more than Chinese students, Returned once again raised the students' test-generation 'phenomenon of thought.

School: we are investigating more than academic fraud

According to news spread of the Internet, more than the University of Iowa Chinese students in the network to find someone online course on behalf of classes or exams, it was found after school drop-out faces.

University of Iowa media relations for Anne Bassett by mail to the Xinhua News Agency reporter confirmed: 'This semester, the University of Iowa received a number of reports from academic dishonesty involving several online courses.'

Bassett as 'under investigation, and therefore does not in any particular case or comment on the overall situation' as an excuse, did not disclose the exact number of students involved and disposal.

Mail wrote: 'In the University of Iowa, we focus on academic integrity, and strive to ensure that our students understand that we respect academic integrity standards sometimes students may deviate from these standards, and when that happens, will lead to repercussions. University of Iowa will review each case and decide on appropriate next steps. '

US Chinese media Qiao Bao << >> Website 22 'for someone's counseling students study abroad agency heads' as news sources reported that several Chinese University of Iowa School students recently received e-mail notifications, including 'notice school students have been informed ',' recommending the dismissal of the student relationship with the school, 'and so on.

According to the name of the person in charge to say, some of the students involved have been expelled from schools to appeal or apply for transfer.

According to Xinhua News Agency branch in Los Angeles reporter understood that the United States attaches great importance to the integrity of society, if there are problems related to the school's academic integrity found someone's staff will bear the consequences, 'more serious.' For example, if someone to test is found, in addition to expulsion, further You may leave a permanent record, when the possibility of applying to other schools after being rejected will be substantially increased.

Students 'exposes' is intended to alert others

<< >> According to the China Press reported that the spread of the Internet message content by the school students of someone authorized to open social networking site, the purpose is 'to claim the body, to remind the majority of Chinese students realize that academic fraud is serious, do not repeat the same mistakes.'

The event is unique in that, the repair someone's students are online courses. According to some media quoted the student part of someone saying they are looking for someone to attend class due to 'think this course is simple, do not spend too much time' .

Xinhua News Agency reporters Guo Shuang in Los Angeles bureau said, in the form of relatively traditional courses, online courses is relatively new, the degree of attention that is different in every school. 'Some students may think that online courses is relatively simple, relatively lax management, but I have interviewed several California students attach great importance to online courses, or even into your favorite frontier science inauguration. '

Chinese Consulate General Education site in Chicago on the 18th on the matter issued a statement to remind the Chinese students 'in the United States during the study, must comply with the relevant regulations US laws and regulations and universities should attach importance to American academic requirements, conscientiously study and integrity exam, do not take any chances, fraud, take concrete actions to safeguard their own interests and good image, 'Chinese students.

Replacing exam 'price tag' has become the industry chain

Chinese students in the United States recently exposed more than academic fraud cases, many of them were due to take the test charges and deported, and even throws astonishing scale 'Replacing exam organization.' This incident once again led the University of Iowa on behalf of the test phenomenon attention and thinking.

It is understood that not only the University of Iowa, generation of test phenomenon in the United States there are many colleges and universities, involving a considerable number of Chinese students. If the input Chinese keywords in Google and other search engines 'Replacing exam', the search results include a number of related agencies links 'on behalf of homework, to write papers, exams, on behalf of the sign, on behalf of the class ...... black chain has been formed.'

For the above-mentioned 'service', the number of intermediaries on the page 'price tag.' For example, write papers and services according to the quality of paper is divided into several files, the price is usually tens of dollars per page, and even marked 'urgent expenses.'

In addition to the students themselves should focus on academic integrity, the agency should study before the student enrollment for academic integrity has been introduced, assume responsibility.

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