Wuhan man that is not expected to suffer from cold-induced red eye uveitis

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Expert: pressure, increasing environmental pollution caused by the incidence of the young population

WASHINGTON (Correspondent Bout Pei Seduction 'I can not see how anything!' A few days ago, who lives in Wuchang tension (a pseudonym got up, found himself in front of a black, can not see anything, and that made him panic endless. To the hospital only to find, he thinks 'pink eye' was actually uveitis.

45-year-old tension is project leader of a foreign company, the vision has always been good. Because of recent days large temperature difference, tension suffering from a cold, had not been improved.

A week ago, he suddenly found himself very red eyes, and the total foreign body sensation in eyes when he thought he got pink eye, went to the pharmacy to buy eye drops, drops after a few days, the eye has not improved, and red is worse a.

When the 21 morning, he suddenly found in front of a black, I can not see anything up. Under the panic, tension quickly hit the car came to Wuhan Ireland Eye Hospital examination, turned out to be suffering from uveitis.

The understanding of the work of the unit tension recently approached a large project, near the final stages of delivery, two weeks in overtime. Due to the recent large temperature difference between tension suffering from a cold, and did not rest well decreased immunity, coupled with work pressure lead to the onset of uveitis. Wuhan Ireland Eye hospital fundus Yan Jing, deputy chief physician, said tension condition found early, after a period of treatment, vision can still be restored.

According to reports, uveitis is a kind of uveal inflammation caused by a variety of reasons, and can cause some serious complications and sequelae, is one of the common cause of blindness. Yan Jing said that environmental pollution, social pressures increase large, resulting in nearly 10 years to increase the population of young adults incidence of uveitis.

Yan Jing reminder, if suffering from uveitis, must be timely and thorough treatment early, if not treated properly, can lead to serious loss of vision and even blindness. Once redness, pain, photophobia, tearing, decreased vision or no red, but the pain in front of a shadow floating, blurred vision, or visual distortion, flashes of light, decreased vision who is likely to suffer from uveitis, should go to the hospital for detailed examination.

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Traditional Chinese: 武漢男子以為感冒致紅眼病 未料患上葡萄膜炎