2015 Anhui private economy development report released both private investment and increase the value of over 1 trillion

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Angola Online News May 23, Anhui Provincial Commission by letter, held a news briefing, published in 2015 in Anhui private economy development report, the report shows the province's private economy to achieve a total added value of 1.26479 trillion yuan last year, private investment reached 1.72604 trillion yuan , the private economy has become an important engine for economic development in the province.

Both private investment and increase the value of over 1 trillion

By 2015, the province's private economy added value of 1.26479 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.4%, accounting for the province's gross production of 57.5% of the province's contribution to economic growth rate of 67.7%. Private enterprises to pay taxes 219.04 billion yuan, an increase of 5.5%, accounting for the province's tax revenue accounted for 68.2%. private investment 1.72604 trillion yuan, up 17.6 percent, accounting for the province's investment accounted for 72% of the province's investment growth contributed 95.2% of the total export of private enterprises reached 145.12 billion yuan, an increase of 7.9%, faster than the province's export growth rate 7.4 percentage points, accounting for the province's imports and exports accounted for 47.8%.

Private high-tech enterprises has reached 2900

The report shows that the private high-tech enterprises 2900, accounting for the province's high-tech enterprises 92%, private enterprise academician workstation set up by the 54 last year increased to 69, accounting for the province accounted for 60.5%. Private Enterprise patent applications accounted for 61.4% of society, the emergence of a group with the core competitiveness of private enterprises.

The province's private enterprises reached 574,000 industry

By 2015, new types of market players registered 472,000, up 15.8%, of which 144,000 newly registered enterprises, an increase of 18.4%. By the end of 2015, the province's 574,000 private enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households 2.046 million, respectively, year on year an increase of 26.9%, 8.9% made new progress in small and micro enterprises in Hefei entrepreneurial innovation base pilot city construction. in crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, creating new passenger space, incubators Trimaran, all model-based help, etc. are emerging.

Cultivation identified 105 small micro-enterprise business base

By the end of 2015, the province's foster identified 105 'Anhui small micro-enterprise business base,' the number of enterprises settled in 5960, 19.31 million to improve employment. Foster industrial clusters specialized provincial town of 189, gathered above-scale enterprises 4357, accounting Regulation on the province's number of business nearly a quarter, operating income of 674.55 billion yuan, up 19.7 percent, accounting for the province's regulated business revenue of nearly one-fifth of employees 153.76 million, an increase of 12.1%. operating income one hundred professional town industrial clusters 15 billion yuan, of which over 20 billion yuan of three. (reporter Ling Hui)

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Traditional Chinese: 2015年安徽民營經濟發展報告出爐 增加值和民間投資雙雙過萬億