Biography Apple ordered 78 million new iPhone suppliers shares rose

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Today's news content as early as 8:00: 78 million iPhone 7 struck a large single Apple shares rose suppliers, sources said the stake in Enlight cat movie will be released recently, Cook admitted iPhone price is too high or the next appropriate reduction, Tesla CTO: market demand enough to consider another job in Chinese factories, mass music, as the acquisition of Cool Cool music as noncommittal denied lawyers counter Shenzhou car:? there is no complaint letters fabricated facts, never accept intimidation.

Biography Apple ordered 78 million new iPhone suppliers shares rose

[78 million iPhone 7 struck a large single Apple supplier shares rose] May 24, according to Taiwan << >> Economic Daily News reported that Apple requires suppliers to inform the production of 72 million to 78 million units this figure iPhone 7-- far more than most Wall Street analysts predict Apple declined to comment. this report led to Asian suppliers of Apple shares are rising, including Hon Hai precision industry and Pegatron. According to Barron << >> reported to get part of the assembly line and Shuo iPhone, iPhone and production of aluminum alloy shell Catcher Monday in Taiwan stock market shares were 10% limit Hon Hai precision industry - that iPhone Foxconn assembly plants rose by 5% to iPhone TSMC chip production rose 4%.

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[Sources said the stake in Enlight cat movie will be released today] May 23 pm news, sources said, will Enlight shares cat movie, the work has entered the final stage, the message will be announced in a few days. According to sources, this Enlight is second with US group cross-shareholdings reviews, Enlight shares cat movie through its subsidiary companies. at present, the amount of shares and shares held temporarily that regard, aspects of the US delegation said that 'knowledge' and Enlight is temporarily suspended stage, were not publicly respond. April 11 this year, Enlight major issues suspend release announcement, saying that 'is planning a major foreign investment projects, covering areas such as the Internet and related cultural industry, investment amount was estimated at 10-20 between one hundred million yuan. '

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[Cook admitted iPhone price is too high or the next appropriate reduction] Beijing time on May 24 morning news, in an interview with India's NDTV television interview Apple (hereinafter referred to as 'Apple') CEO Tim? Cook (Tim Cook) recently said the current iPhone, the price a little high, the future will be appropriately reduced Cook said:. 'I admit, iPhone price is a little high, over time, we also want to do something, the price of the iPhone down to. whatever our level. 'prior to this, Apple has never recognized the iPhone price is too high. Cook in the second quarter conference call is only hinted at, one of the reasons Apple's iPhone sales decline is pursued pricing strategy : in order to maintain high profits, the need for the highest price.

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Biography Apple ordered 78 million new iPhone suppliers shares rose

[Tesla CTO: market demand enough to consider another job in Chinese factories] May 23, the US << Fortune >> magazine website recently reported that leading US electric car company Tesla CTO Straw Bell ( JB Straubel) in Leipzig organized by the 'international transport Forum' (InternationalTransport Forum) revealed that, if the demand of the Chinese market to a certain number, the company might consider the local plant construction. It is unclear Straw Bell called 'a certain number of 'how much, but the Chinese market has become a model 3 models not yet released the second largest predetermined region last year, Tesla CEO Andy Herron - Musk (Elon Musk) has hinted that the company plans in 2019 Chinese factories, and even news that Tesla has begun to build factories in China and launched a site selection work. However, in the Chinese factories to a certain extent implies the need for a local partner to share with some of the core technology, and Waters pull the clear need to meet the capacity and give up to find a balance between the core technology.

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[Transfer music, as the acquisition of Cool? Cool deny music as noncommittal] May 23 message, the micro-channel public number 'media camp' today announced that music, as in June will announce the full acquisition of Cool. Cool phone public relations department denied the matter , music, as the phone called the responsible person declined to comment but insiders Cool: Cool to sell sooner or later, as the music.

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Biography Apple ordered 78 million new iPhone suppliers shares rose

[Shenzhou car counterattack lawyer: complaint letters fabricated facts do not exist, never accept intimidation] May 17, Wuxue Yi posted publicly on China << excellent car three new board listing application documents serious violations of complaint letters >> for Divine excellent China's car travel car platform business model, market share and profits in question proposed a number of the evening, the official China car responded that 'we find the letter >> << reported a large number of serious misrepresentation of information, the presence of context, misinterpreted the relevant laws regulations, deliberately mislead the public in the case, is clearly in the Divine excellent car three new board listed malicious slander in an attempt to interfere with the normal audit Divine excellent car three new board, 'adding that the rumors and other acts to rights through legal channels. May 23 , Wuxue Yi lawyer issued a statement saying, 'I once again declare that all the facts involved >> << complaint letters are from the listing application documents Shenzhou car public disclosure, as well as publicly reported a large number of media, the so-called fake it completely does not exist, all conclusions are drawn on the basis of existing legal analysis. '

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