Overkill female first exposure with large cloth love the whole story: the gym to see eye

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According to Taiwan media reports, the football golden boy David Beckham (David Beckham16-year-old eldest son Brooklyn (Brooklyn Beckham's parents inherited good genes, known as the most watched Star II, a few days ago and 'overkill Girl' Kolo - Moritz (Chloe Moretz Jiuqingfuran, often open sun loving, the woman also has an interview to promote its new movie, the first exposure of the two 2-year love the whole story, causing a large number of users to discuss.

Colonia - Moritz recently for the new film << >> Neighbors 2 to Cannes publicity, Brooklyn boyfriend also love last, with the hand onto the red carpet, the scene instantly grab the attention of all, and she accepted when accessing also talked about the two fall in love the whole story, since the beginning has become attached to all outgoing lovers are introduced by a friend, but in fact the two men in the summer of 2014, in the gym class flywheel know, then was photographed in 'teen Choice Award' given rise to love the fire on screen.

Moreover, Colonia - Moritz also admitted for the first time, and indeed from Brooklyn in 2014 on burst fire of love, but the two shifting alliances many times, and finally reached a consensus on this, I do not want and then hiding, decided to make public affair, before dating always avoid the paparazzi chase, and now the young couple to share feelings in the sun, let the paparazzi shot, but let the relationship more robust, some reckless speak immediate access to a large number of fans appreciation caused a crazy pass .ETtoday / text

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