Ruan made special meeting to consider the opening of Wuhan second installment of "Creative Valley" building program

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Original title: Ruan made special meeting to consider the opening of Wuhan second installment of 'Creative Valley' building program

Study on the second batch of the city 'a valley' building program

Entrepreneurs build innovative work-life entertainment 'vibrant community'

Changjiang Daily News (reporter Li Meng closely '1 Formation prototype, built in three years,' the goal, the city 'a Valley Plan' is speeding up. Yesterday, the Provincial Party Committee and Party Secretary Ruan made, the mayor held a special meeting Wan Yong considered the city's second installment of 'Creative Valley' building program. Ruan hair requirements, each 'a valley' in order to have their leading industry benchmark guide to attract industries gather the creative talents and enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship to easily build work, life and entertainment 'vibrant community' for Wuhan to build economic cities, people's livelihood 'three upgraded version' provides a powerful platform.

In February this year, Wuhan Development Zone 'South Lake Prince Edward Innovation Valley', 'Lenovo Star · Valley of Wisdom' as the city's first two 'Creative Valley' officially started construction. Promote the 'Gu Year Plan' put down roots in three towns form scale, the second batch of 'a valley' of each disclosure program yesterday on the Council.

An important measure 'a valley' as a city to promote supply-side structural reforms, what exactly should be built? Ruan made clear again yesterday, 'a valley' to justice, unity is recognized. He said that in the new round of development, the city it is necessary to resolutely promote supply-side structural reforms, but also to maintain a sustainable and healthy economic development, economy, cities are faced with the task of transformation and upgrading, 'a valley' is the city to build the economy, the city, the people's livelihood 'three upgraded version' a powerful starting point and internet. in the upgraded version to create economic level, 'a valley' is different from the zone, incubators, but to build innovative entrepreneurs make light work, live, play the 'community vitality' to the leading industry benchmark guide, has attracted national and even global common pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurship and dreams a lot in this gathering, jointly seize the forefront of industrial development, leading the Wuhan industrial transformation and upgrading, to build the city in the upgraded version level, 'a valley,' the planning and construction to achieve 'production integration of the city ', the city recycling center industry, to address the central city industrial hollowing out, the ecological deterioration of the environment, traffic congestion and other' urban disease ', an upgraded version of the people's livelihood in the building level,' a valley 'to become ecological, production and living' three Health 'integration model, and improve the quality of life of urban human settlements, built in benchmarking the city's future.

Promoting 'Creative Valley' construction, Ruan made that 'six more' requirement: industry more focused, the city's overall planning, each record valley leading industry to try to focus on one point, forming characteristics, thus the formation of cohesion and competitiveness, the body more advanced, the government should be responsible for planning, guidance, participate, but can not do, we should vigorously introduce corporate body, leading in particular to encourage relevant industry leader served as the main investment and construction operations, targets more clearly, we must have long-term goal should be to develop three-year action plan, when completed, 'Sansei' to what level of integration, there must be clear criteria and schedule, route and more specifically, on how big the leading industry, how to introduce leading enterprises, how to form a chain of ecological innovation problem, there must be specific initiatives and roadmap, measures more effective, the district principal leaders must personally grasp the establishment of a strong Gongzuozhuanban countdown to promote the work, to move faster, to seize identify and start the second installment of 'Creative Valley 'construction, and strive year in full swing.

Wan Yong stressed that 'a valley Plan' is the city building an innovative city, an important measure to build a global influence industry innovation center, to be particularly clear 'a valley' and the traditional production parks, and incubators and accelerators such as the original innovative platforms the essential difference, note that 'a valley' to improve and strengthen the construction of the following weaknesses: positioning industry forefront of attention, but the industry's high-end segment and not enough attention to the gathering resources for innovation, but innovation ecosystem of top design and planning of the node is not enough attention to the market mode of operation, but the links planning, development and operation of the whole process is still not perfect, pay attention to the 'Sansei' integration, but the scale of the development and construction process and maximize the conservation and restoration of the ecological relationship between not enough coordination. Wan Yong requirements, highlighting the four elements, and further deepen the 'Creative Valley' building, that adhere to the forefront of high-end industry, to create innovative ecological chain, introduction of invasive valley leading industries in the field of well-known enterprises to participate in the construction and operation creators Valley, highlighting ecological priority to achieve 'Sansei' integration.

Long before the city leaders positive, Cai Jie, Liu Yingzi, East Lake High-tech Zone Management Committee Director Zhang Wentong, Wuhan Provisional Airport Economic Development Zone, director Cao Yujiang, government Secretary-General Peng Hao attended the meeting. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 阮成發開專題會議 審議武漢第二批“創谷”建設方案