From the "city view" to "King of the City"

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Zhejiang Daily News May 24 May 23, Nanping Township Tiantai invested 8 million yuan to build a new slide in the quiet river, visitors came bursts of laughter from Wenzhou car come to play Liluo Lan said excitedly : 'rooftop Urban and Rural King is everywhere, hard to forget.'

A constant stream of visitors, the roof becomes global tourist attraction 'burst table,' the best evidence. This year, the roof and constantly establish and improve a large tourist complex global management system, so that the global tourism demonstration area to create a new 'one project' .1 From January to April, the county's total number of tourists 5.31 million, up 18%, total tourism income of 5.36 billion yuan, an increase of 24%.

Ecological resources for the background, the roof last year, has won the national 5A-class tourist attractions, national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration counties, three state-level ecological demonstration area tourism 'GuoZiHao' Tourism Golden signs. Earlier this year, they selected for the roof the first countries to global tourism demonstration area to create units. Faced with this opportunity, Taizhou City People's Congress deputy director of the roof county party secretary Li Zhijian, said the roof to build the tourism industry as an important support for the pattern of the whole society involved in tourism development of a new pattern of positive interaction between all the people share the fruits of development of tourism.

Culture is the soul, deep rural differentiation. Half the vast sky, white angel wings, vivid Bear Bear two ...... into the remote streets of the town full of gold Village, like walking into a colorful world of graffiti, street on the walls, are decorated in a variety of graffiti on the walls of rural housing. Kim Man Hang identify the location, to create graffiti art village last month, the village held in conjunction with the Shanghai travel sites people travel signing ceremony today one weekend, where visitors can often see Shanghai.

Festivals come for the media lies to lead off. Ping Qiaozhen acres of flowers flowers festival, Akagi streets bright Peony Festival ...... in global tourism demonstration area of the creation process, organized a variety of festivals depending on season, has become, experience street rooftop various towns. these unique festivals throughout the year, for the introduction of the roof trickling 'living water' in a different season continues to attract tourists eager to come.

A village, a scene, a rural one, the way a product. Tiantai County Tourism Development Committee official told reporters, the roof being by creating 'Shifeng traceability' 'Cold Mountain God hidden' 'green farming' and other rural tourism fine line on the county 248 scattered villages, carry out area integration, rural development, so as to gradually realize the county's 'full field of view.'

Global travel, the ultimate beneficiaries are the local people. This year, Nanping Township rely on Maple Road, terraces flowers, town houses and other tourism resources, good depth development of tourism projects, is expected to invest 300 million yuan. Nanping township party secretary Caojie Hua said: 'our goal is to become the township to create a national 4A level scenic spots, so the township people to enjoy more eco-bonus.' Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 從“城中景”到“景中城”