Primary Principals boasted "a dead man, no problem" be removed from office

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May 13, this newspaper has reported net exposure << Guang'an yuechi a sitting president, said:. 'Do solid work, the death of a man, no problem' >>, for publishing after causing hot 23, reporters from Yuechi Committee propaganda Department was informed that the Commission Yuechi manuscript reflect the problems attached great importance to set up a special working group conducted a survey to verify. currently, the county Commission for Discipline inspection has decided to initiate disciplinary inspection of primary school principals on behalf of soaring Lianming, County Board of UNESCO It has been removed from its headmaster.

Yuechi Propaganda Department, said the survey results, June 1, 2015, the county held a County Board of UNESCO UNESCO member system, 'three strict three real' education mobilization meeting. At the meeting, the county Board of UNESCO Secretary Zhao Yulin in the arrangements for the 'three strict three real 'educational activity, a primary school student informed the Buddha unexpectedly falls incident, and to do the school safety made arrangements.

June 2, 2015, due to receiving the report, the city Food and Drug Administration to check soaring elementary school cafeteria, the inspection and quarantine seized 80 kilograms of pork Municipal Food and Drug Administration instructed the county Food and Drug Administration to initiate an investigation soaring Primary treatment, County food and Drug Administration investigation of soaring primary school made a fine of $ 5,000 administrative penalty decision, and the informants were rewarded afterwards, county food and Drug Administration to strengthen the primary soaring daily supervision.

June 5, 2015 in the afternoon, soaring Elementary School faculty plenary meeting on behalf of the principal Lianming convey County Board of UNESCO on school safety work conference process, speaking of the 'city leaders, county leaders, town leaders to be soaring, got travel, not to get tens of dollars on travel, informants had reported Award and live 'and' Director Zhao said at the meeting, the work done, do a solid, and the death of one man is no longer the relationship, the problem is not big 'words.

Gao Ming primary school principals on behalf of the Union delivered a speech at the faculty inappropriate remarks is the case, the Secretary Zhao Yulin County Board of UNESCO at the meeting issued a 'work done, do a solid, dead man is no longer a relationship, not a big problem,' the speech is not true.

It is reported that, as a survey said on behalf Lianming soaring primary school principals, delivered a speech at the faculty inappropriate remarks, affecting the image of party members and cadres, causing serious social adverse effects. In this regard, on behalf of the county Commission for Discipline Inspection has been linked for the decision to initiate disciplinary inspection County Council has removed from the body on behalf of UNESCO Lianming soaring Primary headmaster.

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Traditional Chinese: 小學校長放言“死個把人沒問題”被免職