How overloaded truck ran overhead? - Shanghai Central Viaduct damage accident investigation

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Original title: How overloaded truck ran overhead - Shanghai Central Viaduct damaged accident investigation?

Xinhua News Agency Shanghai May 23 Nisshin Reuters media questions: how overloaded truck ran overhead - Shanghai Central Viaduct damaged accident investigation?

Xinhua News Agency, 'China Network thing' correspondent Ye Jian

23 am, because it is overloaded trucks violation elevated, resulting in Shanghai Middle Ring Elevated damaged part elevated, ground transportation are therefore affected to Shanghai Jiaotong bring no small pressure.

Elevated damaged after what? And how the accident truck ran overhead? Current progress of the investigation to which step? With these questions, reporters conducted interviews.

One problem: After the accident is what?

Reporters found that the direct cause of the accident was the truck accident caused by illegal overhead.

In this regard, the Shanghai Traffic Police Corps vice captain left Tianfu said that 22 evening 23:20 or so, the vehicle starting from Shanghai's Songjiang District, after illegally diverted to Central Viaduct. At 0:10 on the 23rd Xu, the vehicle line to Central link (inner ring true when Hua Road to Wanrong Road between the ramp, bicycle rollover accident occurred, resulting in elevated section tilt damaged main deck, the deck at the maximum height of about 40 cm. contained in truck accident dozens of tons of precast concrete pile have turn over, part of the viaduct pile falling down to the ground, resulting in elevated and ground transportation impassable accident scene no casualties.

Second problem: the existence of an elevated impaired quality problems?

Reporters found that in the previous routine inspection, this accident damaged the elevated standard, but its design load only passenger traffic. Not only seriously overloaded truck accident, illegal elevated, and its load hundreds of tons, several times elevated to load standard.

For this case impaired quality elevated, Li Jun, deputy director of Shanghai Road Council, said every year the elevated quality monitoring (this damaged pillars (Stake for ZN834-ZN835 did not find the problem.

For elevated impaired reason, Li Jun told reporters, according to Central Viaduct is manned bus designs, 'the current Central truck standard, about 20 tons to 30 tons,' it is strictly prohibited on the elevated truck but truck accident on the elevated not only illegal, also seriously overloaded. car is equipped with about 30 precast concrete pile, according to estimates, each pile weighs about 3 tons, the total weight of the vehicle can be seen around the hundreds of tons.

In addition, the reporter learned that, according to the Ministry of Transport and other seven ministries had issued regulations, the overloading of goods vehicles that standard is not up to the total weight of over 55 tons, which means that the vehicle has been close to 100% overload.

Question three: Why truck accident on the overhead?

Reporters found that, due to the highly varying operation of the vehicle, is not currently in Shanghai Central viaduct height limit, while the Central nor the elevated vehicle weighing equipment installation. Therefore, the regulatory authorities inform the owners of the main street through the identification, as well as through the probe, the United law enforcement and other ways to stop it.

In this regard, Li told reporters that the vehicle 'is the illegal violation (elevated go, go before (Highways Department did not get the information.'

Prior to curb illegal elevated truck measures, Li said that the height limit of no way to determine the height, weight limit and no installation-related facilities. Currently, only to be stopped by the traffic police and Highways joint law enforcement.

Question 4: How progress of the investigation of accidents?

Reporters found that the current driver, logistics companies and cargo loading staff and other personnel involved have been controlled, the investigation is ongoing.

In this regard, the left Tianfu said the accident truck belonging to Shanghai Construction King Logistics Limited, loading more than ten meters long precast concrete pile, license plate number Shanghai D39066. In addition to the vehicle, as well as three fellow truck, the vehicle is the second car this four cars are all built King logistics. in addition, the police also found the vehicle loaded to prefabricated cement pile site person in charge, the relevant personnel have full control, as of press time, the investigation is still in progress.

Question 5: How to repair damaged overhead?

Reporters learned that the overhead is also in repair, monitoring, the earliest two weeks after the opening. In addition, overhead costs will also repair businesses accident claims.

For the repair of overhead, Li said that after the accident, including the design, monitoring, management and maintenance units have jointly developed a preliminary plan currently in hourly tracking and monitoring, elevated situation is more stable due to the horizontal displacement of the beam and the side has dumping, there is a certain risk, to ensure the stability of the beam need temporary reinforcement. the second step is carried out to support the beam, and the beam following repair pillars. the third step is to pan the bridge, after the reset, in order to restore the traffic. 'according to the rehabilitation program should be about two weeks to recover. However, if the beam or column damage, recovery time will be longer.'

Costs of repair on the bridge, Li said that the specific cost is still estimates, but the authorities have taken measures to preserve the assets of someone's business, sure to be on someone's accident loss companies claim. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 超載貨車如何跑上高架?——上海中環高架受損事故調查