Historical monumental buildings will be located Landscape Lighting

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Original title: monumental historical buildings will be located Landscape Lighting

Recently, the Legislative Affairs Office of the Nanjing Municipal Government held << Nanjing city lighting management approach >> (hereinafter referred to as << >> approach to legislative hearings, hearings, most of the hearing participants made due Nanjing profound historical and cultural origins, should increase reading River House and other historic monumental buildings, structures, and Olympic, Youth Olympic Center, the bustling commercial street into the city landscape lighting setup range, landscape lighting also proposed to consider the next normal life tenants, can not cause light pollution Suggest.

Nanjing historical monumental buildings will be located Landscape Lighting

Hearing, hearing participants agreed that the relevant provisions of the << >> way of covering the case of the urban landscape lighting set, but the specific range may also make appropriate adjustments, as well as hearing participants proposed << >> approach of 'flag the concept of building ',' primary and secondary roads 'and lack of a clear definition, difficult to operate.

About the urban landscape lighting setting case, the Nanjing Municipal Government Legislative Affairs Office said, adding historical monumental buildings, landmark buildings are difficult to define and other participants of the hearing the views put forward reasonable. Given the set of circumstances more landscape lighting, due to the different circumstances set standards are inconsistent, it is difficult to make a scientific, accurate and necessary to distinguish, hierarchical set of Nanjing historical and cultural heritage, historical monumental building numerous, can not exhaustive enumeration of the form, << >> approach should be adopted classification outlined a clear way for the scientific and reasonable definition of landscape lighting settings circumstances, << >> approach adopted by participants of the hearing the views of the field reference the relevant provisions of Article 16 is amended as follows: the following area shall be in accordance with the city lighting projects setting landscape lighting planning: urban primary and secondary roads on both sides of the main public buildings, airports, terminals, railway stations, tower, large bridges, interchanges and other public buildings, structures, commercial district, city squares, landscape river, parks, public green spaces and other public areas, buildings of historical monumental structures, we need to set other landscape lighting buildings and structures.

In addition, the revised draft also proposed designated area lighting facilities annotation repair telephone and responsible persons are not allowed to be posted on the city lighting, suspension, setting contents nonprofit promotional materials, advertising and other items and the like.

Settings can not disturbing landscape lighting, light pollution control, energy-conscious

Hearing, hearing participants noted that the majority of landscape lighting should be moderate construction, moderately open, to avoid waste of taxpayers' money, to consider the normal life of residents adjacent to, and can not cause light pollution. Hearing participants also recommended to set the building on the heritage landscape lighting when cultural relics should be protected through the use of new technologies, new technology and other means to increase the lighting effects, and play a security role, it should control of large spotlights, to avoid damage to the overall urban night landscape.

In this regard, the Nanjing Municipal Government Office of Legislative Affairs believes that the urban landscape lighting should follow environmental protection, landscaping, people-centered objectives, to participate in the hearing raised by controlling light pollution, focusing on energy saving, strengthen heritage conservation recommendations are reasonable and should be adopted. As here, the way << >> XVII is amended as follows: set up the urban landscape lighting facilities shall comply with the urban landscape lighting, construction guidelines and meet the following requirements: compliance with light pollution control standards, in harmony with the surrounding environment shall not affect the normal rest and other residents daily production and life, shall not affect public safety or the structural safety of buildings, structures, facilities on which they depend, lighting and lighting effects shape not with road transport, airports, railways and other special purposes identical or similar to the lights, the use of the building in line with the characteristics of lighting ways and means to achieve the best landscape lighting, parks, scenic spots, mountains, rivers, lakes, coastal and bridges landscape lighting settings should reflect scenery environment characteristics, focused Pavilion, Taiwan, House, pavilion, pavilion, tower buildings, structures, historic monumental buildings, structures, should focus on strengthening the protection of monuments and reflect the style.

Reporters learned that the current approach << >> (revised version has been published in full in Nanjing government legal network, the general public can continue to make suggestions and recommendations, deadline is May 27. Reporters Huang Huan

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