CD products will be 2016 fashion buyers qualify for sea election contest announced list of top 16 national hot baked

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Original title: 2016 CD products will be fashion buyers nationwide contest audition promotion announced the list of 16 hot baked

Morning News recently, the only product will be held exclusively by the electricity supplier Deals 'CD products will be fashion buyers Contest 2016', announced last two weeks of nationwide auditions come to an end, the national list of 16 officially released since May 3 start since, by online registration and on-site recruitment, the contest attracted a total of 3520 after a group of 90 individual athletes and team registration which, in addition to students from various universities, but also attract a lot of media people from cutting-edge, professional fashion designers actively participate June 2 to 7, the cut of 16 players will be fierce competition in the city game, really into the 'buyers' real contest stage, the competition for the last four national finals and fight!

Qualifying game playing 'intergenerational': fashion modeling for the elders Dachu

Stand out from the sea of 16 selected high-quality team in the upcoming Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing the next line of reality 'show window' race, eventually there will be four groups of players to successfully qualify for the national finals, were the winners of the battle. As to encourage and reward winning players, the finals of the top three teams will travel to Europe to learn communication, a close contact with the world-class fashion beach-goers. not only that, winning the 'fashion buyers' can get up to 30,000 yuan before tax cash prizes, as well as CD products will be internship or job opportunities.

Race in the city, promoted players will face a greater challenge. Promotion of the game of 'cross-age device' as the theme, that is, around 90 elders with the fashion style, playing across the years of 'a sense of contrast.' By then, the players we will use the 2500 yuan procurement funds will be provided only product, the ideas into reality, through sourcing mix, elaborate window displays and fashion ideas and other skills competition, testing the players as a true 'fashion buyers' comprehensive ability.

Feng Jia Road, vice president of CD products will be said: 'This proposition set, we want to consider the players in the broader and deeper extent for 'fashion' understanding, and I want to encourage 'mobile phone overuse' of 90 young and contemporary Internet You can pay more attention to the side of parents and elders, with little change to the lives of elders to bring a hint of freshness. '

CD products will be thousands of people have a 'fashion buyers' team, they not only have a wealth of experience and a strong brand sensitivity in the fashion industry, but also continue to participate in the research company for many years accumulated Deals fashion big data, and further enrich the only product will 'aesthetic, quality, fashion sink' style and content. Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 唯品會2016時尚買手大賽海選晉級公布 全國16強名單火熱出爐